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Physical abuse against a woman is a no win

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Times have shifted and it is apparent that men do not get a get out jail free card from any acts of physical abuse against the opposite sex.  Like it or not, right or wrong, the gavel seems to fall in favor of the woman.   It should be paramount among any intelligent boy or man to be cognizant of the fact that physically assaulting a girl or woman is unacceptable and susceptible to dire consequences.

We are not questionings the actions or motives precipitating a man to hit a woman because we are taught it is irrelevant, thus falling upon deaf ears.  Our society as well as our judicial system have little if any tolerance for men physically putting their hands-on women to do bodily harm.  While some men may argue that there are some circumstantial situations that may support a man hitting a woman especially as it pertains to being attacked and fearing for their lives – that argument is usually rebuked under the premise that men are stronger than women. Ironically, that debunks the argument from those who feel the sexes are physically equal.  But regardless of the size or strength of the woman, men should walk away, even run at all speed to avoid a physical confrontation that could negatively alter their lives.

We have seen time and time again, high profile men, especially athletes relegated to pariahs, with their careers coming to an end when they are accused of physical violence against their girlfriends or wives.  Just the allegation of physical violence- not taking in consideration that it may be untrue, brings with it unforgiving unsympathetic audiences, judging the alleged as guilty. Just look at men in the entertainment   and sports world who have lost endorsements, friends, followers, and been   fired or demoted from their positions because of being found guilty of physically abusing their wives or significant others.

While some people may see the gravitation to support woman at all cost as problematic, others see it as long coming and as a sign that women matter and should be taken seriously. The fact is that no one should be hit and abused just because of another’s inability to control their emotions. We must be aware we live in a society where there is no shortage of boys and men manifesting this toxic male masculinity hoping to control someone out of fear or to impress their male peers.  Some would argue that women attracted to this” bad boy “image may be helping contribute to physical abuse by some men.

Current movements are occurring as I write, informing and educating the public to take women seriously, thus empowering them and making the public respectful of their rights. I would imagine most women are aboard but there may be some exceptions.

The male dominant environment that may perpetuate men to feel comfortable abusing women is definitely under attack.  It is incumbent of parents of young boys especially mothers in single parent households to teach their young boys to respect girls and at all cost and refrain from putting themselves in a position to be accused of sexual or physical abuse.

We must also be conscious of parents especially mothers who have raised manner able, respectful young men that are easy prey for some deceitful and vindictive women- these mothers may   not be sympathetic to women bringing unsavory malicious charges against their sons.  Nothing can be more vicious than a mother defending her son when she feels he is being falsely accused by a vindictive manipulating woman.

As hard as it may be, we must be aware there are a handful of calculatingly mendacious women bearing lies making it hard for truly victimized women as well as innocent men to be taken seriously.  That is all the more reason for men to be careful in the type of women they date, spend time with, or wed.  The latter also applies to women in their relationships with men. “Hands off “should apply to anyone contemplating hurting anyone, especially a woman

It is not surprising that Black men especially Black athletes have been labeled as the poster card contributors of physical abuse, ending careers and rendering unforgiving public condemnation. Right or wrong, they seem to be easy prey; therefore, they of all people should be extremely cognizant of their actions.

I would like to offer   some advice to   young Black male athletes with professional ambitions (they seemed to be the most targeted) not to get the big head, thinking they are better than others and above approach.  Make no mistake, you are prime candidates   with your potential celebratory status and earning power to be set up by calculating, vindictive, or shunned young women, ready to falsify allegations against you for financial gain. This may not be the norm but it happens regularly.  There are also planned setups by some to bring you down, if you get out of line.

The media has highlighted some noted athletes   demonstrating horrendous physical abusive behaviors that are totally unacceptable and indefensible.  It is plainly clear that these athletes have some serious anger control issues, demanding immediate long-term counseling.

Media coverage has made it known; putting your hands on someone especially a young lady with the intent to bring about harm is inexcusable and will not be tolerated.    The bottom line is men have been served,” Hands Off,” No excuses or exceptions are likely to be entertained.

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