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Jingle Jangle Sidewalk Christmas reception at Clark UMC

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Photos from last year’s Jingle Jangle Sidewalk Christmas reception.

When pulling up on the corner of 14th and Phillips Street, Saturday, December 11, at noon, onlookers will see a beautifully decorated and festive church that will celebrate Christmas with the neighborhood. It’s a Jingle Jangle Sidewalk Christmas that will have a reception line of live music, hot chocolate, cider and cookies, gifts for all age children through 18, family gift cards, a lunch, food boxes and greetings from Santa and his helpers!

“Although we are still not meeting in person in the church, we have maintained our worship services and our ministries,” said members of the planning team. “Since the pandemic, we wanted to keep a presence of hope, help, healing and hospitality with the neighbors of Clark Memorial UMC. At this time of Christmas, we wanted to be sure to offer something to make the holiday bring joy.”

Last year, the year of 2020 was comprised of a definite need to remain distant and masked in the practice of COVID-19 protocols. Since that time, many people have received vaccinations and booster shots that will aid in slowing the spread of the coronavirus. Last year, Clark members hosted by members of the music team and the youth ministry, held a ‘St. Nick Walk-Thru Eat Nic,’ that offered some of the same things, listed above as we are having at the Jingle Jangle Sidewalk Christmas Reception.

Ministry members of Community Ministries and Outreach are excited and look forward to sharing the day with people. We will still follow COVID protocols because the community is not yet free from COVID-19 and other strands that are still looming.

We will receive guests down the sidewalk’s joyous receiving line, weather permitting, on Saturday from noon–1:30 pm on December 11.

For more information, call 615-329-4464.

Clark Memorial is located at 1014 14th Ave. N. under the leadership of our newest appointed senior pastor, Rev. Toi King.

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