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Opening our eyes to our flawed judicial criminal system

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

America is undeniably torn on how they see pertinent issues affecting this country. Your perspective on issues facing the country is reflective of your experiences and your reality. It is clearly apparent we live in two Americas. One is White and one is Black, and we definitely are conflicted on so many legal issues surrounding us daily. This issue was only further solidified when the recent Kyle Rittenhouse verdict was announced with him being acquitted on all five counts.

I believe justice should be afforded to everyone equally regardless of the color of their skin, race, financial status or religious affiliation. But being a person of color, I just don’t see it happening anytime soon. In fact, the Kyle Rittenhouse case only validated my feelings that some people are afforded legal representation not available to all citizens. But we all know justice is sometimes blind or biased according to what side of the spectrum you stand on.

There is no amount of rationalizing or arguing that can convince me that a Black person or any person of color would have been privy to the legal representation and empathy afforded to Rittenhouse by a legal system or jury. He was unbelievably found not guilty.  This case only made me realize that I must be ignorant or unaware of the gun laws on the books, especially as relates to the possession of firearms. The loopholes and technicalities incorporated in our laws seem to gravitate more to protecting the guilty than those victimized.

Some things are just plain cut and dried, but some men led by the acquisition for power, greed and other deceptive motives, knowingly lead the American public down a rabbit hole. The powers that be know our complaints will eventually wane, and it will be back to business as usual.

It bewilders me how the American public is endlessly duped—appearing mindless and inconsequential when it comes to critical thinking involving real issues governing their lives. Face it, our educational centers are teaching young people to be obliging robots reluctant to think they have the power to change the status quo, especially as it pertains to systemic discriminatory practices that are inherently ingrained in our nation’s psyche.

The number of willful manipulators capitalizing on the loopholes of a broken disingenuous system is growing. There is little retaliation from the people condemning then or calling them out. We are living in a country where immorality is embraced and looked upon as an enduring virtue. Where is the righteous indignation to call out and demand correction and change from all these legal iniquities being flaunted in our faces? Corruption, lies, malfeasance and a blatant refusal to work together to correct the ills in our criminal justice system has become the norm.

While there may be some voices calling out for an overhaul of our judicial system, their support is ominous for the most part. Our dance with the devil is obvious when we see so many flaws in laws targeting marginalized people or catering to those committing felonies. There seems to be no hurry to change so many of the laws and practices on the books. We all know they are wrong and problematic to the plight in seeking true justice.

While Pandora’s box may have been ajar, it is now fully opened. We are encountering fury and dire consequences as a result. We must take responsibility and acknowledge that we are our own worst enemy. Those so adept at trying to deceive and manipulate the masses for their own personal gains will have hell to pay in the end according to universal divine law. Our reluctance, or refusal to confront the truth (so apparent at times) only helps to solidify the downward spiral from decency, righteousness and empathy that makes mankind civil and worth saving.

A call to action is paramount to those who truly believe that morality, truth, justice and equality mean something. We are more than this broken dam seeking to converge upon us all if we don’t fix it. Let’s hope it isn’t too late to minimize some of the damage by acknowledging and rectifying what we all know is obvious. Our criminal judicial system is crying out for reform.

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