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Can I meet him?

Cancer: My Journey in Time
Can I meet him?

by Wanda Clay

(l-r) Aroll Jones, Pastor Enoch Fuzz, Pastor Gordon Jones.

When you see golden arches, the mind immediately goes to “McDonalds”.  When you start to see a red & white suit complete with white fir and a hat of the same, a “Santa Claus suit,” the thought of Christmas immediately comes to mind.  Right about now, people are beginning to ask, “Are you ready for Christmas?” And, that means they want to know if you’ve “done all your shopping.”  All of that is said to say that some people, some events, some objects seem to represent things that are familiar, “just because.”

That type of personality is one that the Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian MBC, holds.  Nashville continues to change, and life continues to change because of Covid and its variations.  Yet, in the midst of all of these changes, including personal changes regarding Pastor Fuzz’s 20-month long journey with stage four lung cancer, he is still recognized for his endless community work and unending ministry.

As he has the ability to work and be of help to the people, Rev. Enoch Fuzz works the same with other pastors of all denominations as well. Riverside Chapel Seventh Day Adventist has a new pastor.  The Rev. Gordon S. Jones came from Houston, Texas and is currently serving as the pastor of Riverside Chapel. He was in Pastor Enoch Fuzz’s office because he asked his newest member, Aroll Jones if he could meet Rev. Fuzz.  Of course, Pastor Fuzz accepted the request and talked with him to learn all he could to do to assist him in new venture in Nashville, Tennessee.  It does not matter that he serves a congregation of Seventh Day Adventists, it matters that he speaks to the heart of a minister, a pastor, a leader.  Pastor Jones also sought out the help of one of God’s servants, without prejudice of Fuzz being a “Baptist preacher.”  Pastor Jones has already made contact and joined organizations, such as the Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship (IMF).  With guidance of those willing to lead and share knowledge, the community will probably see more of Rev. Jones in an effort to minister past his church walls.

It is a pleasure and an unspoken compliment for someone to want to know you.

That’s what happens when a thought is one that is easily recognizable that leads one to the proper people for guidance!

We’ll hear more about the Rev. Gordon Jones. The readers also recognize prayers.  Thank you for your gift of prayers for Pastor Fuzz.  He continues to pray for you in this season of sharing, as you are a part of his journey.  Visit his Facebook status where you will find him sharing his concerns, praise in pictures, testimony and song.

As we continue to follow God’s guide, keep following his weekly journey, Cancer: My Journey in Time.  And, a special note of thanks for continuing to read and share this journey.  May it be a blessing in your life.

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