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Black political pundits attacking Black community

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Who would know more about the Black community or problems about the Black community than those Blacks living in these communities or from those communities? All too often, we have people (even Blacks) who have lived in White or predominately White neighborhoods or communities that claim to be experts on the woes and downfall of Blacks and their communities. These critics’ or experts’ critique on the Black community are often based on bias polls, narratives, and hyperboles fostered by those with esoteric agendas. This often promotes disunity and distrust among Blacks living in these communities.

We must be cognizant that there are ever-present contributors of distrust whose main objective is to paint the Black community in a negative light, provoking negative stereotypes about Blacks that are intentionally ingrained in society. Those responsible for so much of the pain and suffering in so many Black communities are experts in making Blacks victims of their own discrimination and dehumanization by painting them as their own victimizers. Could there be a more ingenuous plan in continuing the practice of White supremacy and racism by those who have historical oppressed and trivialized Blacks?

Many Black political analysts and even some Black politicians are quick to blame Blacks as being the biggest contributors to problems sabotaging their own progress and growth. While this rhetoric is normal among some White political analysts and bigoted politicians, we are finding more Blacks knowingly (or as puppets) using divisive bias rhetoric that is infuriating the Black community. We usually find that many of these Black political analysts and politicians are devout Republicans taunting Blacks’ complicity with the Democratic Party. They allude this has gotten us nowhere, only to be used as pawns. While that may be the case, one may ask ‘How is the Republican Party is any better?’ How do the Republicans better the plight of the poor and middle class people, especially Blacks?

Choosing your political party is your choice and right, but making sure your are not being a puppet should be a major consideration. Our White oppressors don’t have to be as vocal in dehumanizing us and putting us down when they have a handful of Blacks willingly do so. What many of these Black analysts and politicians don’t realize is that we, as Blacks, are aware of our dilemma and how we got to where we are today. We don’t need self-serving Blacks trying to advance their own agenda at the expense of throwing their own people under the bus. They’re just hoping to be thrown a bone by Whites who are trying to deceive and oppress African Americans.

The mistake these vociferous, criticizing Blacks make is concentrating on the shortcomings of Blacks. They don’t blame Whites in their involvement and participation in bringing about so many of the problems plaguing so many of our Black communities. These Blacks want us to forget about our past, forgive Whites for their 400 years of abuse. They want us to dismiss reparations that groups such as the Jews and the Japanese may have received for historically being exploited and killed.

The narrative projected comes across as if Blacks willingly brought these atrocities upon themselves. Now we must go forward as if the doors of systematic discrimination are closed or don’t exist. No! We are not talking about wallowing in our despair, because history has shown that we are a strong and resilient people that have persevered against insurmountable odds. We will go forward! But excusing our oppressors and not holding them accountable should not be an option.

Maybe some of these Blacks who so are so determined to tell us about our shortcomings and how we should go forward should do their homework and honestly learn the true history of Blacks in this country. Perhaps some of these Blacks critics who are extremely intelligent such as Candace Owens, Tim Scott, and Michael Steele may have a change of heart and stop appearing to be obsessed with denigrating other Blacks.

It is not hard to see why some Blacks find these Black political pundits’ agendas questionable. They often present a one-sided narrative, chastising Blacks and failing to show Whites’ complicity in depriving African Americans socially, economically, emotionally, and politically. How can you feel like you are empowering and educating Blacks when you have a one sided narrative that more than often provokes Blacks to become defensive and oppositional?

If we plan on going forward, I implore these so called ‘enlightened’ Blacks to spend as much time explaining our White oppressor’s role in our present predicaments. These Black political pundits don’t seem to realize, that for the most part, they come across as mouth pieces for Whites who feel that they would be vilified and painted as racist if they expressed such views. Your narrative keeps them from feeling guilty and making amends.

You cannot dismiss the institutions of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and systemic discrimination. Such practices have severely affected African Americans’ progress as a people. We will go forward, but we must hold Whites accountable for their monumental role in preventing Africans American from progressing and pursuing the American dream. Blacks are being used as puppets to mitigate the role of White oppressors sabotaging African American progress. This is unacceptable.

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