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A living sacrifice

‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 79)
A living sacrifice

by Wanda Clay

Amanda Crawley gives COVID tests.

Undergoing a tragedy, such as the death of a loved one from COVID, seems to be prevalent in the last 20 months. Death is a difficult emotional and heart-wrenching situation under any circumstances. Yet people are forced (for lack of a better term) to continue to move forward. There are so many tragic conditions, it is sometimes hard to keep up. For the past couple of weeks, Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Baptist Church, has been sharing information on how his church is being utilized as a haven for those in need of rapid COVID testing.

Amanda Crawley has always been a servant to the needs of people. Since 2019 she developed a ministry (Tree of Life Outreach of Tennessee) that would help her to assist others. It’s hash tagged I am a wife and woman always ready to help! As a part of expanding her ministry, she later opened Grab A Lab, a mobile phlebotomy, where she assisted patients in the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center for Research, including other needs of a phlebotomist.

On June 28 of 2020 she experienced the tragic loss of her husband to COVID. It was then that she focused her grief on saving people from COVID in anyway possible. The circumstances changed the direction of Grab A Lab. She was adamant about educating people on the importance of testing and talking about COVID. Because her husband did not receive his COVID results in two days, she deems it extremely important that these results are received immediately. She received a lab license to test for COVID and has been on a full-time mission of ‘Operation Steve’ (Spreading The Emerging Virus Education).

Amanda shows up with Grab A Lab anywhere she can help.

 “I have been and want to be anywhere I can, anywhere I am needed to keep people from waiting on COVID test results because there is a lot of fear in waiting and an urgency in finding out these COVID test results—daycares, event venues, TSU, residential sites, South Nashville Christmas, the bike giveaway. Everything is outreach,” she said.

Grab A Lab free rapid COVID testing is currently at Corinthian Baptist Church, 819 33rd Avenue N. on Monday-Thursday from 11 am-3 pm, and in several other locations at various dates and times. She is also seeking to create other testing sites on Nolensville Road, Friendship Church in Bordeaux and extended hours at TSU for students on Saturday and early Sunday, in addition to the weekday. It should also be noted that vaccinations will also be added to these sites in addition to the COVID testing.

It may be difficult to understand how her passion pushed through after the loss of her husband.

“I loved my husband, but God knows what I needed to do and my husband was a living sacrifice to the needs of the people,” she said.

Amanda said she is glad to be a part of Rev. Fuzz’s journey because he has been a blessing to her since she met him. There are countless things Rev. Fuzz has done to help her in receiving the aid that she needs, financially and in other areas. For any questions regarding assistance, testing, vaccinations, or any other types of outreach needed, contact Amanda via email at <Amanda@grabalab.net> or call 615-983-1707.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Rev. Fuzz. He has proven to be a living sacrifice during his journey with stage four lung cancer. Visit his Facebook site as he shares his concerns with praise, pictures, testimony and singing. He continues to pray for you.

We look forward to sharing his weekly journey, ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ and encourage readers to share it also because it benefits the connected journey of others as the spirit leads.

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