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U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper announces he will not seek re-election

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Rep. Jim Cooper

Long time U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper, announced on Tuesday that he will not seek reelection.

“Today I am announcing that I will not run for re-election to Congress. After 32 years in office, I will be leaving Congress next year,” he said.

“I cannot thank the people of Nashville enough. You backed me more than almost anyone in Tennessee history, making me the state’s third longest-serving member of Congress. You allowed me to help millions of people while representing our state capital, as well as 30 of our state’s 95 counties.”

Cooper’s decision comes on the heels of, making him the 29th Democrat to retire or quit before the midterm election.

“Despite my strength at the polls, I could not stop the General Assembly from dismembering Nashville,” said Cooper. “No one tried harder to keep our city whole. I explored every possible way, including lawsuits, to stop the gerrymandering and to win one of the three new congressional districts that now divide Nashville. There’s no way, at least for me in this election cycle, but there may be a path for other worthy candidates.

“I am announcing my decision promptly so that others have more time to campaign. I will return the individual contributions that I have received for this race so that donors can redirect them as they choose.

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Vincent Dixie said: “No one can say that Congressman Cooper didn’t give his all working hard for Nashville. For more than three decades, he served Nashville and Middle Tennessee admirably. His absence, which is caused by a short-sighted and power-hungry state legislature that completely ignored the wishes of the state’s financial center and will diminish the voices of minorities in Middle Tennessee, will definitely hurt Davidson County. Jim Cooper will be missed by the thousands that he and his office have helped throughout the years and he leaves behind a legacy of great service.”

House Minority Leader Karen Camper called Rep. Cooper a “true statesman.”

“A statesman is defined as a skilled, experienced and respected political leader and that completely describes Congressman Cooper,” she said. “He loves his state, his city and his community and his decisions are always guided by what he believes will be best for them. I wish him the best for the future.”

Cooper represents Tennessee’s Fifth Congressional District, which covers Nashville and other outlying counties.

Cooper thanked his staff and said that he plans on finishing out his term with a high level of service.

“I don’t know what the future holds, but I am ready to get another job next year and make up for lost time with family and friends,” said Cooper. “I could not be more excited. Having started as the youngest congressman in America, even after my record tenure I am still only 67 years old.

“For everything there is a season, a time and place under the sun. My time in Congress is ending, but I can’t wait to start the next adventure.”

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