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Black fraternities, sororities big plus for Blacks

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Black fraternities and sororities play a significant, monumental role in the upward mobility and uplifting of African Americans as well as fighting inequalities in our system. They are only second to conscientious parents in providing a roadmap to positive self-esteem, community involvement, and success for our Black children. It is unfortunate they are not always given the recognition or acclaim they deserve for work in our communities. Members offer themselves as role models and conduits to being the best you can be.

The mainstream American media has too often presented Blacks in a negative light by manifesting Blacks as dope dealers, sexually promiscuous, self-effacing, unambitious, immoral, and highly sensational beings. They often highlight the ‘lowest’ African Americans they can find, omitting the positive, highly intelligent, educated, productive, successful, and morally astute individuals that are changing the narrative as we speak now. Black Greeks debunk these negative images.

Black fraternal organizations and sororities are working collectively to influence our young children to aspire to greatness in whatever field they choose. These organizations offer their time, money, and resources to young people in schools and our communities. They advocate for self-love, community involvement, and personal success.  There are also no institutions, short of corporate America (and some universities), that offer more scholarships.

No other groups or organizations come close in offering their personal time in developing and molding positive bright, productive, and successful minds. They work in the schools as mentors, and also in the community in youth development programs aiding disadvantaged communities in this country and abroad. They contribute food and toys during certain holidays and honor meritorious achievement among Blacks as a whole. They encourage Black young minds to be active in bringing about social change to end many of the inequalities facing America.

All too often we are shown White fraternities or organization working with Black children by the media as if Black groups and organizations are negligent or unconcerned with the plight of their own children in under-privileged communities.  Unfortunately, many Blacks have bought into the perception that all Black fraternities and sororities do is party and hob nob with each other. Many of these organizations have annual dances or balls mounted as major fundraisers for scholarships and funding their community endeavors. But a commitment to community service is shared by all these organizations.

Please do not falsely judge these fraternities and sororities until you do your homework. You will be impressed at the significant role they play in uplifting our Black communities through community service projects.

You will find some people who may be jealous ‘haters’ because these fraternities and sororities are college educated. But why should they have to apologize for trying to better themselves and be the best they can be to uplift their communities? These organizations are on an unselfish mission to uplift our race. When one Black person succeeds, we all succeed. Black excellence is nothing to apologize for.

The Black community is gifted with nine Greek fraternal organizations making up the Pan Hellenic Council or the Divine Nine, working together in collaboration, committed to uplifting Black excellence. Each organization is extremely proud and would endlessly argue that their organization is the best—and rightfully so. There is a Black fraternity or sorority to fit anyone’s personal desires based on personality, legacy, service orientation and the need of a lifetime bond. Brotherhoods or sisterhoods are fluent and abundant in all these significant organizations.

There are not too many Blacks in entertainment, education, corporate America, lawyers, doctors, health professionals, news anchors and entrepreneurs who are not members of a fraternity or sorority. Many of these organizations can boast of many members with degrees in higher education (Masters and PhDs). Unbeknownst to many, there are also several Black thespians and rappers belonging to these Black fraternal organizations.

One of the benefits of these Black Greek organizations is the networking in fraternities and sororities that help catapult qualified Blacks into top level positions. What better way to help with the upward mobility of Blacks? No one in the know should support rhetoric saying we, as Blacks, are not about helping uplift ourselves. Plus, the camaraderie found in the brotherhood and sisterhood of these organizations is legendary.

Kudos to the members of the fraternities of Kappa Alpha Psi, Alpha Phi Alpha, Omega Psi Phi, and Phi Beta Sigma, Iota Phi Theta and the sororities of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Sigma Gamma Rho, and Zeta Phi Beta, for the tireless and monumental work they do in uplifting the Black community. There are not enough words to express your influence in molding the minds of our young children and fight inequalities affecting our communities. Thanks for your invaluable commitment in making a difference. I write this editorial as a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.

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