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The Ugly America

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

The United States is lauded as the best country in the world to live by its citizens and is often recognized and praised by the many acts of kindness and humanitarian efforts by its citizens, especially in times of need.  At one time, we would have emphatically questioned the malfeasance of our elected officials, holding them accountable. But now we aid them in making excuses or ignore their deplorable actions altogether. But I remember a time when rivaling politicians were civil enough to work together assiduously to reach a bipartisan compromise.

Now many of us disagree on our country’s political direction. We are being led to ignore the real social, political, and economic actions ever apparent in this country—actions destroying us as a nation. We are willingly and blindly accepting the rhetoric of unscrupulous individuals and groups spreading division and hatred.

We must accept and address these ugly elephants in the room. We cannot ignore them lest we be liable to our own demise as a democratic entity.  This may be much harder to embrace than it was in the past, because there is a movement by some individuals and groups to block literature, public statements and ideas they personally find offensive. We must realize that hiding the truth doesn’t make the problems go away. And it isn’t in the best interests of this country.

We have an ever growing cancer of racial unrest, political distrust and unmitigated lies taking root daily around us. It is becoming accepted and normalized. In fact, we have cancelled out the voices of those telling us the truth concerning things we don’t want to hear. Cancelling the voice and credibility of those we don’t agree with is a recipe for disaster, aiding in the demise of liberty and the freedom of speech: values this country was founded on. Whatever happened to the conventional wisdom we were taught that ‘we can disagree but let’s not be disagreeable’?

Self-serving demagogues are stirring a cauldron of hate, fueled by lies. They are causing a rift and division among us that is causing the United States of America to be anything but united. In fact, they have forced the overwhelming face of ugliness to the surface, helping us to see some people for what they are truly about. We all know for the most part who these hellions are, but instead of calling them out for the diabolical fiends and initiators of havoc and division they are, we have sunk to giving them a public platform, literally accepting their deception, lies and deceit.

Many of these same people are perpetrators of ‘cancel culture,’ advocating cancelling (socially and publicly ostracizing) anyone who doesn’t agree with their views. This ugly America is pitting Whites against Blacks and people of color; the haves against the have-nots; and believers of science against those who don’t necessarily believe what the scientists are saying (especially as it relates to treating COVID-19 and its variants). This lack of coming together has caused thousands upon thousands of people to die.

We have believers of global warming trying to convince unbelievers in spite of the drastic changes in the environment wreaking havoc (fires, floods,  tornadoes) in our communities. Professed ‘pro-life’ supporters are quietly watching people die because they won’t or can’t adhere to mandates that could possibly save lives. We have gentrification taking place throughout the country replacing the poor with the affluent. We have elected politicians sworn to serve the country, unapologetically professing their unwavering allegiance to an individual or political party—regardless of gross acts of immorality and uncovered lies. We also have states enacting strict voter suppression laws that target marginalized people. And despite of all the mass shooting occurring, little is being done to regulate meaningful gun control against assault weapons.

The list of what is ugly in America goes on and on and on. But we are told to be positive and only dwell on and entertain things that basically make this country look good. The ugly will remain and fester. Things won’t get better as long as we keep putting our heads in the sand as if it doesn’t matter. We all profess to love this country, but if we truly love this nation we should acknowledge and address the ugliness that keeps us from being the best country we could be. No, it’s not a popular or pleasant task. But it is necessary because the ugliness occurring in this country is only validating our ever growing sickness.

Let’s take off the rose tinted glasses many people are wearing. Let’s tackle the ugliness that is literally choking the life out of us as a nation. It’s going to take a lot of work, but I think America is worth fighting for. You can’t get well unless you know you are sick. Our sickness as a nation only helps feed the ugliness permeating around us.

I would like to see the majority of the God-fearing people in this country truly commit to the Christian values they are taught. It would be the start of getting well. I’m calling for all the decent God-led people to rally together and fight against all the ugliness and diabolical forces vying to separate us from the love of God. These forces will contribute to our ultimate demise. Love, empathy, compassion, equality, respect, and common decency are some of the tools that will be needed in aiding in the removal of the grotesque ugliness occupying our country. Do your part and make a difference.

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