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More venues for honest dialogue needed

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

How often have you wished for more venues where everyone could come together peacefully and divulge their deepest and innermost thoughts whether good or bad and not be judged and labeled? We must understand and respect that our individual experiences and realities vary and contribute to our views, especially as to how we view people and this country. The slogan that states that you shouldn’t judge someone unless you have walked a mile in their shoes should bear merit if you are honestly concerned or interested in the opinionated views that are causing so much divisiveness in this country.

We as individuals are so caught up in our own feelings and perceived ideas that we are all too often unwilling to try to understand someone with opposing views. In fact, so many of us become so adamant or fixated on the views we adopt, we are biased and indifferent to others’ views. We feel we have indisputable truths, and we only entertain bits or pieces of information that may contribute to what we originally believe. This leaves no room for compromise or going forward, thus we all lose.

We need to understand and recognize that we don’t live in a perfect and ideal world and that we don’t know all the answers. The truth of the matter is that we have always had diabolical and highly manipulative people exploiting the good found in this world for their own selfish gains. The masses of the people are often puppets used in a plan or scheme initiated and implemented by ruthless immoral people, corporations, or regimes obsessed in acquiring power, wealth, and control. They will not hesitate to work to turn segments of people against each other or subjugate certain races or groups to advance their acquisition of power, wealth, and control.

You have only to honestly and objectively study history and everything will fall into place. You will know why things are as they are today in our society. Make no mistake, our state of inequality, inherent privilege, and vast indifference is not by coincidence. Different races and factions of people are kept at odds with each other. It is all calculated and engineered and hidden by smokescreens to keep the masses from seeing the real picture that ultimately affects us all.

Just think: we are all born inherently innocent with a propensity to gravitate to what is good and right. But being exposed to different environments, experiences and opportunities sets us up to develop different perspectives on life and how we view people. Thus, you have environments fostering hate, apathy, jealousy, envy, prejudices, racism, selfishness and abject indifference. And still, there are always those harboring love, morality, respect, equality, spirituality, empathy and humanitarian love. You have only to follow someone’s actions or talk to them in depth to see which of these factors plays a major role in the true person that individual represents.

Cold, calculated, immoral and reprehensible individuals full of hate and venom weren’t originally that way. They evolved from their environments, experiences or what they have been fed. One’s views are only made stronger when you have an environment reinforcing or entertaining the same views or sentiments.

I honestly believe if there were more open forums or venues where people could honestly speak about or explain their personal viewpoints without being condemned or vilified, truths will be revealed—opening one up to change their negative viewpoints.

I believe too many times people underestimate the intelligence of people as a whole. We can decipher between lies and untruths. When a person allows themselves to be completely open, not under pressure or uncompromising fealty to a group, they are in a better position to digest what is real and true and change for the good.

Let’s not play games for the sake of making some people feel good about the position they take on some issues. Many times the right position to take on an issue is indisputable. But many of those taking an oppositional stance do so for self-serving, esoteric reasons. These same people are adamantly oblivious to reason or the truth and in time will find themselves on the wrong side of history

We need to acknowledge that no one is perfect, but that we all should be open to trying to be the best person we can be. That means being open to societal changes that enhance our humanity. It all begins with being open and listening—not merely hearing what is being said.

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