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Memphis 13 honored by state lawmakers

by PRIDE Newsdesk

The Memphis 13

The group of trailblazers who, as young children, integrated the schools of Memphis 60 years ago were honored with a resolution on the floor of the Tennessee House of Representatives.

In 1961, 13 African American first-graders, known as the Memphis 13, bravely integrated four Memphis elementary schools.

Rep. G. A. Hardaway (D-Memphis), the sponsor of House Joint Resolution said recognizing these brave individuals is long overdue:

“After six decades, the State Legislature is now honoring the Memphis 13 for the challenges they willingly accepted and conquered as young children to advance the cause of civil rights in Tennessee education,” he said.  “Now we can finally say thank you Memphis 13 for your lifetime of individual and collective sacrifices that have truly made us better together in Tennessee.”

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