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Fighting addictions

‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’(part 87)
Fighting addictions

by Wanda Clay

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

There are many addictions. An addiction is defined as impaired control causing one to become physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance—and unable to stop without incurring adverse effects. With so many ailments due to sickness and disease, a likely method of pain control are prescribed doses of opioids. In the time of an illness, the use of opioids are a welcome relief for the patient giving comfort to their situation. However, the use of these prescriptions often becomes an addiction by no fault of the patient.

Rev. Enoch Fuzz, the pastor of the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in early 2020. During that time, he was often in extreme discomfort and pain.  He was given a barrage of medications to provide comfort and attempt to eradicate the many issues associated with cancer. The medications helped to handle the many individual issues that arose throughout his journey. One such issue, of course, concerned the extreme and various pains caused by the cancer. Pain relievers in the form of opioids were prescribed. As Rev. Fuzz continues in his journey, he is still in pain, yet he is now also fighting the addiction to opioids.

“It is hard going through withdrawals,” Rev. Fuzz said, speaking of fighting to get off the addictive pain medications. “It’s a good thing that I’m not in pain, but now there’s the pain of withdrawals and it’s a struggle to get off.”

One day when Rev. Fuzz decided he didn’t need certain medications, he noticed that he became moody and “felt bad.” He was unable to describe what the ‘bad’ feeling actually felt like, but he was informed that he was having ‘withdrawals.’ He was told there is a certain way you must cease the use of opioids. You slowly reduce the dosages throughout a period of weeks. He has found this to be painful and an unexpected struggle.

Many people have these addictions and may not recognize the symptoms or the opioid. Opioid medications include legal pain relievers, such as: oxycodone (OxyContin), hydrocodone (Vicodin), codeine, morphine and others. As he enters this phase of his journey, he will finally see his way clear in time. Through the help of rehab and prayers, fighting an addiction will be achieved just as the fight with cancer will be eradicated.

Rev. Fuzz continues to pray for each of you and “the whole wide world,” because you are an important part of his journey. He asks that you keep praying for him as well. Also, check out his status on Facebook as he gives praise through word, songs and photos. You will be blessed. Thanks for reading and sharing ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ each week.

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