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Excellence personified

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Thank you, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, for showing the world what true dignity and intelligence look like, especially in a time when ignorance and racial indifference seem to be running rampant. You helped elevate the recognition of qualified women, especially women of color, to another level. You did this in spite of what some would call the scrutiny of some highly disrespectful and obviously underqualified legislatures who tried to devalue your qualifications and discredit you regardless of your impressive credentials.

Your record and experience as a law student and judge was beyond impressive and stood on its own merits. You showed your opposers that they couldn’t dim the brilliance of a diamond, especially since they are simply crumbling rocks. Your patience, perseverance, temperance and intellect catapulted you to the top. You have demonstrated to the entire country why you were more than qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice.

You were subjected to questions by some Republicans whose only goal appeared to be to belittle and discredit your nomination. But you more than held your own. In fact, in their shameless desperation to discredit your ability, your opposers only showed the nation their own biased, racist disposition. Some would say race had nothing to do with how you were treated, but that is highly debatable.

There is no question that you will be a valuable asset as the 116th Supreme Court Justice working in the interests of all Americans. Those with the sole intent to discredit you only succeeded in bringing attention to their ineptitude, adding to their own questionability as public servants. Their disrespect and lack of professionalism toward you only showed that they were only playing to their own select audience, as evidenced by the many times they cut you off when you attempted to answer their questions.

We all understand that it is the role of the Judiciary Committee to investigate the background and qualifications of Supreme Court nominees recommended by the president, but you would assume that being respectful and professional would be manifested by all the interviewers. Evidently, that was not the case with some Republicans, such as Ted Cruz of Texas, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee. They rudely and disrespectfully used their own personal political biases during their rhetoric to try to discredit you. It was evident that most of their questions had nothing to do with your qualifications to be a responsible, respectable, and astute justice.

Cory Booker of New Jersey eloquently expressed how proud the African American community feels about you representing the hope and dreams of our ancestors. Your representation as a justice on the Supreme Court truly adds to the inclusiveness of the court and reflects the diversity of this country. Your impeccable qualifications, uncompromising resilience, and impressive intellect put you over the top. The sad part is that many Republicans will overlook your stellar credentials and qualifications in the interest of party loyalty when voting against you. But you are destined to be the next Supreme Court Justice. I personally feel you were ordained by God. Once again, thank you and congratulations. You will do us all proud.

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