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When I’m better

‘Cancer: My journey in time’
When I’m better

by Wanda Clay

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

When a person is not feeling well, they tend to focus on the illness of the moment. No, let’s take a step back. When we feel good, we don’t expect to feel bad and often are blindsided by some little bug that gives us a scratchy throat, a runny nose, coughing, itching, watery eyes, a tummy ache, a headache or any other little ailment that brings us discomfort or ‘dis-ease.’ Sometimes, the ailment is a bit more extreme than we want to imagine.

Such is the case for many and the uneasy discomforts that Rev. Enoch Fuzz felt prior to his diagnosis of stage four lung cancer approximately two years ago. Following the diagnosis, he was treated for pain and various methods of healing. While he focused on the issue of lung cancer, previous narratives about his journey describe how other ailments derived from that diagnosis and were (and continue to be) also treated. Through all of it, the main focus was on his healing from cancer.

And he is healing. However, with all the thoughts of getting better, he did not foresee an addiction to the meds that were a part of his journey. Rev. Fuzz recognizes this to be a serious issue that many other people also face. “It’s not easy and I just want to get it over with,” he said.    After Easter, he will check into a rehab facility.

Readers are encouraged to read and share next weeks ‘journey’ which will include an interview with the doctor handling his recovery from this addiction.

Please continue to pray for Rev. Fuzz as he prays for you. Also, check out Rev. Fuzz’s Facebook site where he witnesses by singing, praying and sharing.

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