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Paul Walwyn for Judge General Sessions Court, Division VI

May 3rd Election
Paul Walwyn for Judge General Sessions Court, Division VI

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Paul and wife Bethany, with children Sophia, Diego, and Julius.

Paul Walwyn is the most experienced General Sessions attorney running for judge in 2022 and will be ready on day one to serve—committed to fairness and justice for all.

To date, Paul has handled over 10,000 general sessions, criminal and federal cases, thousands of preliminary hearings, and nearly one hundred jury trials within 13 different counties in Middle Tennessee. As a result of earning the respect and trust of local judges, Paul has been invited to fill in as a temporary replacement for judges in all 11 divisions of Davidson County general sessions court, always willing to lend a hand when asked.

As the son of immigrants, Walwyn speaks Spanish and is mindful of the needs of Nashville’s rich ethnic diversity, seeing it as one of the city’s great strengths. For those in need, Paul has generously offered up his time and expertise on more than 1,000 pro bono cases.

Raised in Tennessee and a 47-year resident of Davidson County, Paul received degrees in both political science and English at East Tennessee State University, earning his law degree from UT Knoxville. After opening his own law practice 25 years ago Paul began a serious journey to put into play not only what he’d learned from his many years of higher education but the deeper values instilled in him by his parents. There just might have been some family competition taking place as Paul’s two siblings have law degrees as well.

Due to the example set by his parents, and as a first-generation American citizen, Paul understands the meaning of hard work, the value of an education, the richness of diversity, and the rewards that come only from serving others. Born in the West Indies, Paul’s father immigrated to the United States seeking a higher level of education that led him to become a trusted orthopedic surgeon in Nashville as well as a Lt. Colonel in the Army. Paul’s mother, a beloved teacher, worked in the Nashville Public Schools for over 20 years after immigrating from Cuba.

Other family footsteps Paul continues to follow in is his participation as a board member, volunteer, and advocate for many non-profits in the community include: Hands On Nashville; Gilda’s Club Middle Tennessee; Gra-Mar Elementary School; Actor’s Bridge Ensemble; Tenn. School of Anesthesiology; and House of Mercy; along with numerous other charities and local fundraisers he generously supports.

Paul and his wife Bethany have three children: Sophia, Diego, and Julius. With kids in both Meigs and Hume Fogg, they are proud to be a part of the Metro Nashville Public School system. As a family, they enjoy sports, anything involving music, vacations at the beach, and bocce ball in the backyard.

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