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Fighting unnecessary wars

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Wars have been with us since the beginning of time, and the masses have participated in a submissive capacity to the wills of governments, kings, dictators, and those at the helm of power. It has been prophesied that there will always be wars and rumors of war throughout the span of time, but we must acknowledge that some wars are not necessary. How often are those expected to fight these wars given truthful justification for killing others and putting their own lives in jeopardy?

Are we warranted in asking our leaders or governments if these wars are worth killing innocent people with families and loved ones just like our own? Are the causalities of the war worth the proposed objectives? It seems like the value and sanctity of lives is inconsequential when compared to the motives of governments and self-centered egotistical leaders. This is ironic when many wars are fought over religion.

We are taught as a society to obey and respect authority, abiding by the orders and mandates of those ruling, as part of our patriotic duty and loyalty to country. In some cases, people are subjected to imprisonment or the penalties of treason for refusing to fight for their country. It doesn’t seem to matter that innocent lives are often lost for wars centered around economics, territory, religion—as well as catering to the egotistical whims of those in powerful positions.

The reasons for wars vary and in some cases may fall under probable provocation, especially if you are acting in a defensive position by protecting your family and country from a hostile foreign opponent. Everyone has a right to protect their family and property when under attack. Unfortunately, too many times, reasons for wars are sold to the masses via fallacious propaganda by the attacking side to validate a war to those doing the fighting for them. It is nothing short of people being used as pawns in a chess game to fulfill the wishes of an esoteric group of people, often for self-serving reasons.

I can only imagine if the masses have truly taken the time to examine the pain, hurt, suffering, and devastation resulting from the war. Families and cities are forever changed after the loss of loved ones and landmarks. Warring factions are often put in the position of families fighting against other family members and loved ones for no other reason than to fulfill the wishes of a government, dictator, or powerful group of people. The stench from war follows the survivors throughout their remaining lives in the form of nightmares, mental illness, guilt, and unimaginable loss.

While some wars may be necessary for national security and protection, we are finding most wars are diversions that hide the real truth, which is all too often about economical and territorial gains. The quest for natural resources and acquiring tactical, meaningful territory has been the primary reason many wars were caused by major countries. While the masses are told wars are about national security, the truth is most wars are about making money. Point and case: You have military defense companies selling war equipment such as guns, tanks, airplanes, warships, bombs, and other artillery. The companies may be in an economic slump or simply seeking more profits, therefore initiating and legislating for a war to sell their products.

It is not beneath some of these companies to pay those within a foreign country to initiate enough turmoil within to start a national war. The public needs to wake up and realize that wars for the most part are about money, fueled by greed for more profit. Maybe corporational greed is an acceptable vice, but is it worth the cost of sacrificing so many innocent lives?

Remember when we were led to believe that we had to go to war with Iraq to disarm their weapons of mass destruction and free the Iraqi people under the terrorist leader, Saddam Hussein, who was going to use these weapons for terrorism. This information was later found to be untrue. What do you think was the real reason for what the public sees now as an unnecessary war? Hint: some companies and individuals made a mint off the Iraq War.

I can only imagine that one day the masses will be called to fight what they feel is an unjust war and no one will answer the call, telling those in charge to fight their own war. We must weigh if the death, destruction, and chaos that is wrought are worth a war. Being used as pawns to fight others’ wars, initiated by economical and territorial greed, needs to stop.

Let them fight their own wars. The cost of innocent lives is too great.

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