Home National news Funk, Bell, and Hedrick win Primary Election
Other notable winners include Robin Kimbrough Hayes and former Mayor David Briley

Funk, Bell, and Hedrick win Primary Election
Other notable winners include Robin Kimbrough Hayes and former Mayor David Briley

by PRIDE Newsdesk

(l-r) D.A. Glenn Funk, Judge Rachel L. Bell, and Newly elected Judge Andra Hedrick.

The 2022 Davidson County Primary Election was held on May 3.

Candidates for county clerk, district attorney general, public defender, register of deeds, trustee, sheriff, circuit court clerk, criminal court clerk, juvenile court clerk, chancery court judge, circuit court judge, criminal court judge, general session judge, and juvenile court judge were on the ballot, seeking their party’s nomination for the general election on August 4.

Incumbent Attorney General Glenn Funk defeated his challengers, securing another eight-year term. Funk thanked his campaign staff, supporters, and D.A. office colleagues.

 “It is the end of an eight-year term and there have been some hard decisions that have had to be made about some very public cases,” said Funk. “But what’s most important is about public safety. That’s the most important thing.

 “Public safety does not just mean being successful on the big cases or the serious cases. Public safety also means supporting victims relentlessly. It also means making sure that we have a system that is fair to the people who do not need to be incarcerated, and instead get the support and the treatment that they need. We’ve been doing that as an office.

 “This victory tonight is maybe one percent Glenn Funk. But it’s 99% the work of the 70 Assistant District Attorneys who have made this city safe and worked so hard.”

Funk also proclaimed his staff the best law firm in Tennessee and said that he and the city are lucky to have them in the District Attorney’s Office.

Also, General Sessions Judge Division VIII incumbent Rachel L. Bell will retain her position.  Bell easily defeated her challenger, Erin Coleman, receiving more than 62% of the vote.

Andra Hedrick defeated John Manson for Division VII Circuit Court Judge receiving more than 55% of the votes.  Hedrick thanked the voters and her staff.

 “There’s a lot more to say once I get some sleep,” she tweeted. “But for now, I’ll just say that I love this small but mighty team and today we got elected as the next probate judge for Davidson County, Tennessee.”

Other notable results, included: Robin Kimbrough Hayes defeating incumbent Dianne Turner for General Services Judge Division V; Former Nashville Mayor David Briley winning election to Division 1 Circuit Court; Judge Lynne Ingram defeating incumbent Kelvin Jones for Division VIII Circuit Court Judge; Kadiji Babb defeated incumbent Judge Monte Watkins for Division V Criminal Court Judge, and Berthena Nabaa-McKinney defeated incumbent John Little to win the 4th District School Board race.

Most of the winners of the Democratic Primary will not have Republican challengers, all but assuring their election to office in the General Election.

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