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Open call for 2023 Artist-in-Residence at Cheekwood

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Cheekwood is holding an open call for 2023 Artist-in-Residence.

Cheekwood Estate and Gardens has announced a call for submissions for the 2023 Martin Shallenberger Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Series.    This opportunity offers the chance for an artist to produce an interpretive site-specific exhibition at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens, one of the city’s leading art institutions, located eight miles outside of downtown Nashville.

The series, which began in 2012, is focused on bringing innovative, dynamic, and intriguing artists to the city of Nashville—to create and exhibit site-specific works at Cheekwood. It offers an opportunity for the artist to interact with staff, visitors, and the arts community throughout the creative process. The program provides living arrangements for the duration of the residency. The featured artists’ works will be on display in an indoor and/or outdoor exhibition.

The series is dedicated to Martin Shallenberger. Mr. Shallenberger’s connection with Cheekwood has great length and significance. In June 1971, Shallenberger exhibited 40 paintings at Cheekwood.

Visitors who attended this exhibition were afforded a worldly experience with Shallenberger’s renderings of New York, Paris, Florence, Amsterdam, and Cologne, cities he enjoyed experiencing and captured on canvas. Shallenberger knew the world of art had and would continue to expand without borders.

Past AIR series participants include Dorothy O’Connor, Michael McMath, and Hiroshi Sato. Cheekwood’s current Artist-in-Residence is Craig Black, a Scottish visual artist who specializes in bespoke artwork, murals, and installations. Black is best known for applying ‘Acrylic Fusion,’ a hand- poured painting technique he developed.

To be considered, artists may submit a CV, letter of intent, and artist statement, along with a portfolio of 15-20 recent and representative works to <hmorgan@cheekwood.org> by August 1.

The residence program is made possible with the generous support of a private foundation.

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