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Crucial action needed now!

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Only a few days had passed since the mass school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, when spineless politicians were already making excuses to resist enacting stricter gun control laws to curtail future mass shootings. Nineteen children and two adults were massacred. It is beyond shameful how some politicians (basically Republicans) are ducking from the truth.  

Yes, it is a fact that stricter gun control legislation is needed to combat this ever occurring problem. Common sense dictates that we should legislate more extensive universal background checks, raise the age of attaining firearms from 18 to 21—and make it mandatory that all schools undergo exercises in preparation for school shootings. More security and devices to detect weapons are also being suggested as means to curtail such killings. But let’s take our heads out of the sand and acknowledge that unless we ban the sale of assault weapons (such as the AR-15 rifles), we haven’t dealt with what we all know is the most effective solution. 

The public needs to continue to be angry, in fact infuriated, to the point that they will not listen to any rhetoric ignoring the biggest problem. That problem is the availability of assault weapons such as AR-15 style rifles in our streets. If we don’t ban the selling of semiautomatic assault weapons such as AR-15 rifles, we haven’t done anything to legitimately alleviate the fallout from mass shooting. We may not be able stop people from killing people, but we can minimize the number of people killed in a short period of time. The mantra from the public should be ‘We Are Mad as Hell and We Are Not Taking This Anymore.’  

Morally bankrupt legislators claim they are shocked at these mass shootings; however, they continue to show their allegiance to the NRA (National Rifle Association) or other gun lobbyist groups. We need to call them out. These legislators have an allegiance, a loyalty, to NRA monies filling their political coffers. They make excuses and blatantly refuse to support stricter gun control legislation. Well, that shows us who they truly are.  

You would think that our children’s lives are more important than money. These snake oil salesmen downplay gun legislation with their rhetoric, but it’s necessary in making a difference to curtail mass shootings. Cancel their verbal madness by voting them out of office! It is the only choice we the public have if we truly want justice for the deaths of those slaughtered. Voting our will is the only way to minimize the multiple killing of people in such a short period of time. 

Semiautomatic assault weapons such as the AR-15 must be banned! I say it again: Semiautomatic assault weapons such as the AR-15 must be banned! It should not be debatable! If we are honestly committed to the sanctity of life, we must not cow tow to the hyperboles of staunch supporters of the NRA or gun support lobbies who value money over human lives.  

Please, please, do not fall victim to the hyperbole that our Second Amendment right to bear arms is at risk. Stricter gun control legislation is not opening the door to the public being barred from owning guns in the future. This is garbage (alternative truths) aimed at gullible people, perpetrated by NRA legislators, lobbyists and extremists. By all means, we have the right to protect ourselves. But semiautomatic rifles such as the AR-15 are unnecessary and overkill. 

We must also be aware of those who say guns don’t kill, people kill. They may be right, but killers with semiautomatic assault weapons are able to kill multitudes of victims in a short period of time. These weapons are made for the battlefield. Do we need these weapons on our streets?  

Yes, we should be more mindful of tracking those with mental illness and keeping them from attaining guns. But while stricter background checks may stop those suffering from mental illness from attaining guns legally, it won’t stop them from attaining guns illegally (especially assault weapons) if they intend on killing numerous people.  

The truth of the matter is that the NRA and the legislators in their pockets are betting that given time the anger and outrage over these mass killings will wane and ‘business as usual’ will continue. So we can march, protest and keep stricter gun control a major issue in the social media. But unless we hold these legislators to the fire, we haven’t done anything at all. Stay angry and demand nothing less than the banning of AR-15 semiautomatic rifles. The cries of those killed at mass shootings demand nothing less.  

I pray that this country is not beyond doing what we know is right for the sake of our children. If not, this country is beyond being damned. 

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