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Jan. 6 hearings reveal Trump’s role in deadly insurrection

by PRIDE Newsdesk
Jan. 6 committee reveals more ‘actions’ of former President Trump.

The stunning revelations broadcast during the House Select Committee investigation of the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol included the laying out of a scheme by former President Donald Trump to retain power.

While many have long understood that Trump did nothing to stop the deadly riots, the Committee laid bare his scheme that led to the death of at least nine people (including five law enforcement members) and left more than 150 officers injured.

 “It was a sophisticated seven-part plan to overturn the presidential election and prevent the transfer of presidential power,” Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, the chair of the House committee, said during the presentation.

Further, Cheney noted that several GOP members of Congress pressed Trump for pardons during the insurrection. The inference could explain why many Republicans have remained loyal to the former president and have shown a reluctance to participate in the hearings.

Cheney also reminded the Committee of a Tweet sent by Trump encouraging the attack. “Be there—will be wild!” Trump tweeted.

Trump’s supporters responded, including the extremist groups Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.

One of the rioters read Trump’s tweet on a megaphone at the Capitol, and others, including one that criticized Vice President Mike Pence for denying a request to overturn the election loss to Joe Biden.

“Hang Mike Pence,” the supporters chanted.

The House select January 6 committee also said that former President Trump misled campaign donors by using election lies to raise a quarter of $1 billion. This, after he lost the election in 2020.

 “So not only was there the ‘big lie,’ there was the big rip-off,” said California Democrat and committee member Zoe Lofgren.

The hearings will continue into next week.

“We just want to make sure that you all have the time and space to digest all the information that we’re putting out there,” said Democratic Rep. Pete Aguilar.

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