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When truth doesn’t seem to matter

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

The country is being shown the findings of the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the Capitol by a bipartisan investigation committee made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans. You would think that the truth matters and should be paramount in making sure those involved are dealt with accordingly. Measures should be put into place to make sure this never happens again.

You would think that every American would be aboard in uncovering the truth, especially as it relates to a staged attempt to undermine our democracy. But as sad as it may be, we have a staggering amount of Republicans willingly downplaying the insurrection and even questioning its existence. These are Americans whose allegiance is to a party and a person over the Constitution and democracy.

Probably the saddest part of this dilemma is that some of these Americans who are oblivious to the truth are elected politicians. They have succumbed to the lies, deceit, and immorality engineered and led by our former president, Donald Trump. Their complicity in supporting this egotistical narcissist is inexcusable. Many of his supporters are so obsessed in their complicity with Trump’s lies, that they are not interested in viewing the findings of the investigation. Can you believe many of our elected Republicans in Congress?

What have we come to as a nation when we openly have elected politicians emphatically and proudly opposed to the truth? They are more interested in retaining the support of constituents in their delegated districts devoted to Trump than in the truth. I would like to think that most Americans are appalled at what took place at the Capitol, but as a nation, we cannot dismiss the large number of our fellow Americans who are impervious to the truth.

Many Republican politicians still support Donald Trump’s assertion that the election was stolen. They refuse to acknowledge that an insurrection occurred at our Capitol. They are disingenuous and willingly mislead their constituents. While some Republican politicians are a big part of the problem, we cannot dismiss their constituents who blindly support our former president. The pun is that Trump followers must have drunk the tainted Cool Aid. I would also argue that the most fundamental part of being a Trump follower for many of our White counterparts is they personally relate to his racist views.

Many Whites relate to him as being the last messiah to keep White supremacy intact in lieu of minorities becoming the majority, given time. This is apparent in some prominent White politicians who blatantly and unapologetically spread their racist rhetoric. Make no mistake that it isn’t so much about being a Republican. The support of Trump is what makes people identify you as a racist. No amount of rhetoric can dismiss one’s loyalty to the epitome of an immoral man over the country. As a parent, is this the type of man you want your son to become? Unfortunately,  this ‘person indictment’ speaks volumes about the moral state of America.

The findings of the investigation are not going to reveal much that we haven’t already seen with our own eyes. Sadly, the facts revealed are not likely to change the opinion of loyal Trump fans.    The results will be an indictment on this country as a whole, especially if Americans don’t run to the polls during midterms and vote out the vultures and traitors who have shown their true colors. Then we will know if the truth really matters in this country. As it stands now, it seems truth as a whole is a virtue desperately in need of a rescue.

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