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‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 98)

Rev. Fuzz fights on despite traumatic illness: “Just stop and say ‘thank you, God.’”

by Wanda Clay
Rev. Enoch Fuzz

We speak each week regarding the important things in life, while facing challenges that are beyond our control. The challenges facing Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, are great as he continues his battle with stage four lung cancer. Rev. Fuzz reminds us that it is necessary to take the time to thank God for our journeys.

“My health is much improved over two years ago, but I’m only 50% of my physical ability four years ago,” Rev. Fuzz said. “It’s more difficult to perform what used to be simple tasks. It’s difficult to take a shower and it takes twice as long to dress.

“My caseload last week included doing meals for Wednesday Church and then delivery to the community; an advocacy for eight people with criminal justice; a OneNashville meeting where Vice Mayor Jim Schuman explained the Metro budge; an advocate for District Attorney Funk to increase the bonds of three men with five pounds of fentanyl that had a $40k bond.”

That schedule was just for one week. It’s a lot for a man that’s in the midst of an ongoing illness, yet Rev. Fuzz pushes through for his community.  He didn’t mention any personal activities, but one involved being with his lovely daughter and grandson for Father’s Day.

“The joy in my situation is that I’m gonna get well and I’m gonna be okay,” Fuzz said. 

He continues to keep a positive and unselfish attitude. 

“This illness has created in me an enormous sensitivity to people dealing with illnesses,” he said. “Another great appreciation I’ve embraced is the act of breathing. I’ve discovered there are lots of people suffering with their breathing from challenges like asthma and allergies, weak lungs and COPD.” With that, he reminds us to fight on despite traumatic illnesses. 

“If you have your health stop right now and say ‘Thank you God.’ If your health is compromised, stop right now and say ‘Thank you God.’”  

Through it all, Rev. Enoch Fuzz’s greatest admonition is that we pray. “Pray for others more than you pray for yourself. Say ‘Thank you God.’”

Keep praying. Rev. Fuzz prays for each of you and “the whole wide world,” because you are an important part of his journey. Also, check out his Facebook site where he gives praise through word, songs and photos. You will be blessed. Thanks for reading ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ each week.

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