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The Emperor is Naked

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

Twice impeached and shameless former President Donald Trump continues to solicit the support of his loyal base. However you may feel about Trump, he has shown that he is incapable of telling the truth and when all is said and done, it is all about him and his need to feed his insatiably inflated ego. His immortality has no bounds, yet there are those adamantly seeking his support and seemingly oblivious to his numerous shortcomings.

You would think that his participation in spearheading an insurrection against our government (our democracy) and our Constitution would be the last straw—making any decent person containing an ounce of decency and integrity disassociate themselves from this abomination to our country. If this is not a wakeup call, then one doesn’t exist. If he walks away from this unscathed, then heaven help our country. There are those in prison for less and just imagine if a person of color was in his place, what the outcome would be.

Trump supporters need to face the truth and stop rationalizing and creating fallacious antidotes to try to validate their reasons for supporting him. Maybe we should thank the immoral, spineless politicians who support him for showing their true colors—putting party loyalty and a shameless man over the country. Maybe we owe his political supporters thanks because we know where to start if this country ever becomes serious about cleaning house and getting rid of the self-serving demagogues whose only allegiance is to themselves.

We mustn’t be caught in the old web spun about Republicans supporting any Republican, because you have enough decent Republicans so you don’t have to drag the bottom of the barrel for representation. The most hurtful part for those who see Trump for what he is can be in the desperation they see in his base. They are oblivious to the facts and truths that expose who he really is. One can only deduct that many within his base see a part of his immorality and racist views that they can identify with. The irony of being one of his supporters is that many of his policies work against them and he preys on their mindlessness and gullibility to follow him through the Gates of Hell. 

There are those who can overlook his immorality and boast that their 401ks looked good under his leadership, but remember there were those who thought Hitler was an exceptionable leader regardless of his undeniable flaws. I guess it depends upon what side of the spectrum you are seeing things through, but sometimes things are just plain and concrete. It is obvious that Trump has those inside his circle who are afraid of him and refrain from telling him what he doesn’t want to hear (or go against his will) afraid of his retaliation. 

Let’s acknowledge that Trump is a narcissist and a bonafide bully who literally feeds on those who are afraid of confronting him. Let’s stop making this monster any bigger than he has to be. Let them develop a spine, pick up their integrity, and tell him the truth and hold him accountable. Overlooking his shortcomings only feeds this narcissist’s ego. Even our young children are questioning why some of us are supporting this amoral man who is the epitome of a crook and liar.

I am reminded of Hans Christian Andersen’s short story about a narcissistic emperor who prided himself in being praised on how impeccable he dressed. He employed the best tailors to make him a suit that would leave everyone in awe. The tailors convinced the emperor that they had designed the most beautiful and eye-catching outfit for the emperor, but it was invisible only to be seen by clever and competent people—not fools. The vain emperor, not wanting to be considered a fool, paraded around naked thinking he was being admired and envied by those watching him. The people applauded and praised the emperor, not wanting to be labeled fools as well as being afraid to tell him that he was naked. Finally, it took a young child to yell out: “The emperor is naked!” Those supporting Trump are not helping him when he needs to be told he is naked. He should stop insulting our intelligence and suffer the consequences for his actions.   

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