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‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 99)

To be present with the Lord

by Wanda Clay
Rev. Enoch Fuzz

 “Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.”  This has been said by some preachers who teach the word of God every week.  As he currently remains on a journey with stage four lung cancer, Pastor Fuzz joins the Nashville community in mourning the loss of his brother in the clergy, Bishop George Price, former longtime pastor of Bethesda Original Church of God.  Pastor Fuzz wants to dedicate this week to the remembrance of his dear friend.

Pastor Fuzz said, “Bishop Price served as my Vice-President when I was president of the Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship (IMF). One of the main reasons for the tremendous success of IMF during my tenure was the genuine and humble ingenuity of Bishop George Price. Bishop Price was uniquely devoted to Nashville’s African American community. Bishop Price was my great friend and brother and he was a great friend of African American clergy throughout Middle Tennessee. He deserves the condolences of the entire Nashville community; NAACP Nashville Branch, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, Metropolitan Nashville Public School Board, the office of Mayor and City Council and especially all the pastors male and female of our City. He was a truly humble, capable, devoted servant to the people of God.”

Serving in ministry for over 44 years, Bishop Price fought a long-time illness with diabetes which caused the amputation of his feet and blindness. Along with several years of dialysis and other issues, his journey was also one of a life filled with love, dedication to him as a faithful servant and leader, and much prayer from his members, family, and friends. He retired as pastor of his flock at Bethesda Original Church of God on October 30, 2016.  Members remained dedicated to his teaching and leadership even in his absence.  Such shall it be as he leaves this earthly home.  Bishop Price is now absent from the body, but most certainly present with the Lord.  Pastor Fuzz said, “RIP Bishop George Price. You fought a good fight, you kept the faith and now the Lord is saying come on up higher and receive your reward. Amen.”

As aforementioned, Bishop George Price made a large impact on the Nashville community, serving in many areas.

Keep praying.  We should always pray to live a life that leads us to be present with the Lord when the time comes.  In our prayers, it’s also important to remember those we love.

It is with great pride and joy that Pastor Fuzz gives a big hug and birthday wishes to the one who calls him “Dad.”  “Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter, Bethany!”

Check out his status on Facebook as he gives praise through words, songs and photos.  You will be blessed.  Thanks for reading and sharing, “Cancer: My Journey in Time,” each week.

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