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Fresh new young leadership may be our only answer to saving this country

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

Even those maintaining a positive and optimistic disposition have to be somewhat dismayed at the seething division on major issues occurring in this country. We have become so divided on our positions on major issues that we appear to be at a stalemate. Our legislative bodies have failed us where bipartisan collaboration is rare and seems to becoming a thing of the past—only adding to the dire state of affairs. Some would argue that many of those elected to represent us have fallen short or even abandoned the concerns of many of their constituents. 

For the record, poll after poll have found that most of the new legislation enacted in this country doesn’t reflect the will of the majority of Americans. In fact, many voters feel a lot of new legislation enacted caters to private or esoteric groups and corporate businesses with hidden agendas that are sometimes racist or not inclusive of everyone. Some people have deducted that all we have to do is to look at the makeup of our legislatures. The problem lies within.

Respectfully, you will find a large percentage of older people, especially White men, who because of lack of term limits have made being a politician a career or their lifetime job. We have no shortage of capable innovative young people impervious to racist and exclusive practices and views, capable of displaying leadership abilities advantageous to the best interests of all Americans—knowledgeable, educated, and well-versed young people intolerant of the racist rhetoric used by so many older, White lawmakers promoting racial disunity. I would like to believe that young people as a whole, if elected, would rule with a touch of empathy, compassion and integrity that now seems to be lost. 

We must be cognizant that some of these older lawmakers were raised during a time and in communities where racist views of White supremacy were paramount and indoctrinated into their psyche. These are older, White lawmakers surreptitiously and even openly promoting and enacting discriminating and racist laws and policies. Many of these old lawmakers are secretly fighting to go back to the days where people of color were disenfranchised and politically, socially, and economically controlled. 

As a nation, we don’t know all the answers and will continue to make mistakes; however, we can work harder to empower our young leaders in investing in the future as elected officials. Yes, they are learning and don’t know it all. Therefore, they may fall short at times. But they are resilient and perhaps our best hope in reviving a racially and politically divided nation. As it stands now, they can’t do any worse than their predecessors.

The older regime of old, White men monopolizing our legislative bodies today (especially in Congress) has become an albatross around our necks, keeping us from going forward and mending the wounds of yesterday and making meaningful, productive strides toward the future. Many of these old, White lawmakers are no longer seen as credible role models because of their complicity in supporting lies, immorality, racist views—and their affinity to big corporations over the American public. 

Some Americans adamantly advocate for young new blood to save America from itself. When you look at the chaos that we are experiencing now, why not give our young leaders the reins? The older regime is failing us. What do we have to lose? Some would say our young leaders, as a whole, are covered with a veil of innocence that has not been penetrated by the influence of older people inundated and dripping with the heat and sweat of hate, racism, and apathy toward those of other races. 

Concerned voters (especially young people): ‘run, don’t walk’ to the polls and change the political trajectory of this country. New responsible young blood may be our only real hope for productive and meaningful change that will unite us and positively move our country forward. Voters do your due diligence and make sure your choice is vested in your best concerns and about unifying the country. Our allegiance should be to our country, not to a political party or an individual.    

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