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Keep Ludye on duty

by PRIDE Newsdesk
Ludye N. Wallace

Former Metro Councilman Ludye N. Wallace is a candidate to fill the seat being vacated by Senator Brenda Gilmore. In making his announcement Wallace said: “I want to first acknowledge the numerous accomplishments of Senators Avon Williams, Thelma Harper and Brenda Gilmore. They dedicated themselves to always being champions for Nashville, our communities and our state.”

Wallace presents his proud history of accomplishments in the Metro Council as one basis for being a candidate. He says, “as one of the longest serving persons in Nashville’s council this experience prepares me to take the next step.” Ludye notes that his previous legislative experience and understanding of the legislative process give him a decided advantage over any political novices.

In addition, as Nashville is experiencing continued rapid growth, Wallace connects his past experience as a benefit to addressing the needs of Nashville when negotiating at the state level. He says: “having an inexperienced person learning the process in the state legislature during these important times would place Nashville in a serious disadvantage.”

Ludye N. Wallace’s Experience & Involvement includes:

  • B.S. in Political Science, TSU
  • Lifetime Member of Tennessee State University’s Alumni Association
  • Lifetime Member of National Tennessee State University’s Alumni Association
  • Kappa Alpha Psi Lifetime Member
  • One of the Longest Serving Members on Metro Council (28 Years)
  • Served on Budget and Finance Committee (28 Years)
  • Gold & Diamond Lifetime NAACP Membership
  • Member of Clark Memorial United Methodist

“I want to be in a position to help all Nashville communities thrive in this time of exceptional growth in business and population. I want to be certain that as Nashville advances all of our communities advance as well,” Wallace says.

Providing this list of his major accomplishments, Wallace notes that in addition to his length of service on the Metro Council, he also served as a member of the powerful Budget Committee for 28 eight years, represented the Central Business District, North and South Nashville, and served on numerous community organizations including a former president of the Nashville NAACP…. He was also a Nashville mayoral candidate.

Here’s Ludye Wallace On the Issues, In His Own Words:

  • Make Nashville Schools Safe — Instead of waiting on any gun reform legislation, I will advocate for the use of technology to make schools safer for our children NOW.
  • Affordable Housing — The housing crisis is a problem for all of us. I will advocate for legislation to where cities can adopt their own policies to deal with affordable housing.
  • Equal Opportunity —I will adopt legislation to combat the laws that Tennessee are actively enacting against minority and LGBTQ+ communities.
  • Gun Reform — I am a law abiding citizen that will advocate for responsible gun ownership legislation that does not infringe on our 2nd amendment rights. The age to purchase a firearm should be increased and there should be comprehensive background checks that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and mentally-ill individuals.
  • Education Reform — I will legislate every effort to make sure public schools are up to standards of every school. I will also create legislation that will prohibit racial and LGBTQ+ discrimination towards students.Fund Tennessee State University  — Fund economic opportunity by supporting Tennessee State University’s campus, housing facilities, athletic arenas and event promotions.
  • Criminal Justice Reform — Have additional programs in place for people to have a pathway from the criminal justice system to reenter society as a productive citizen.

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