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Tour De Nash holds tour to help residents explore Nashville

by PRIDE Newsdesk

by Justin Darden

Pexels photo by Jonathan Cooper

The Tour De Nash, an urban bike tour that encourages Nashville residents to explore the city’s neighborhoods, bikeways, and greenways was held at Frankie Pierce Park in Nashville on May 21 and were sponsored by LDA Engineering. The tour was designed to help residents of a growing and diverse city explore areas of the neighborhood that are often overlooked and to encourage people to increase their biking skills. It was also held at Hadley Park and Shelby Park. There were three routes to choose from: the City tour, the Local tour, or the Grand Tour. The bike routes were chosen by Walk Bike Nashville staff and volunteers to highlight the bikeways and greenways of Nashville. 

Tina Fox, the founder of Black Girls Do Bike, said that having the Tour de Nash gives people a chance to venture out into the streets of Nashville in areas they have never visited. She also said the tour gives people an opportunity to view the scenic routes in Nashville and to see how the city has evolved.

“We are excited to see people venture out and get the benefits of riding a bike,” said Fox. “Our group aims to help bring new riders into the larger cycling community, and the Tour de Nash is a great event for people wanting to try biking on Nashville’s streets.”

According to a press release, more people in Nashville and across the country are using bicycles for recreation and to commute from place to place every year. Meredith Montgomery, executive director for Walk Bike Nashville, said the Tour de Nash served as a showcase for Nashville’s biking culture.

“We want to encourage more people to try bike riding on Nashville’s streets and greenways,” said Montgomery. “The Tour De Nash is about promoting Nashville’s biking culture.”

The Tour de Nash had basic maintenance equipment for any bike rider who wanted to have their bicycle repaired. One of the start locations, Frankie Pierce Park, had a celebration center with local food trucks and beer provided by East Nashville Beer Works.

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