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‘Citywide Silence the Violence Nashville’ held for 5th time

by PRIDE Newsdesk
Rev. Venita Lewis

Keva, Inc. will be hosting its 5th annual ‘Citywide Silence the Violence Nashville,’ on August 6, 10-8 pm, at Hadley Park. Keva is a non-profit organization focusing on serving the community by providing resources, increasing access to social services, and addressing issues having an impact on the most vulnerable.

The Citywide Silence the Violence is an annual event focusing on bringing the city together, to adversely impact crime and violence. Violence has plagued our communities. National and local statistics support that for us to ‘silence the violence,’ we need to address poverty, housing, and other social issues. 

Rev. Venita Lewis, executive director of Keva, Inc. and founder of Silence the Violence, said: “Our goal is to have more community organizations on the ground this year than over last year’s annual event. We have traditionally had over 10 city and community agencies participate. This year we are anticipating the return of the Department of Health, which provided vaccinations and free pampers for mothers with infants. Metro Action Commission will also provide on-the-spot utility and housing assistance.”

Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry will host an on-site expungement clinic at Galilee Baptist Church, 2021 Herman Street, with assistance for driver’s license reinstatement. Last year, through this partnership, the court expunged over 400 felony records—the largest in the city’s history.

Other attendees include: the Metro Police Department, Hope Station; Roof Top; NAACP, Nashville; St. Thomas Hospital; Matthew Walker Health Center; and the Civitan Club. Radio personality Orlando Boyd of WENO 760’s The Gospel will share valuable information on buying and selling your home. John Little will share ‘Crime and Fair Education.’

Booth space is $100. Sponsorship is $175, which includes booth space. For more information, contact Keva, Inc. at 615-237-1110.

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