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George Clinton art exhibition continues through July 31 at Cëcret by Cë Gallery

Summer Stories on view at David Lusk Gallery

by Cass Teague
George Clinton (seated) with Clarence Edward at Cecret by CE Gallery in the Exhibition space, July 6, 2022.

 “Grooves From the Deep and the Space Math of George Clinton” is on view through July 31 at Cëcret by Cë Gallery, 516 Houston Street in the Wedgewood/ Houston arts district. The exhibition is available to view by appointment only, by emailing: info@cegallery.co

Artist, alchemist, mothership captain, and funk innovator, George Clinton draws inspiration from his music and the funk that runs through it. Embodying Afro-futuristic practices used to describe his work, Clinton remixes history, culture, and technology to create cosmic cheat codes for future generations.

 “Grooves from the Deep and the Space Math of George Clinton” is an exhibition of paintings that teleports viewers to the inner-outer spaces of George Clinton’s imagination. New iterations of the mothership, atomic dog, and popular funk imagery emerge frequently in the work. Inspired by the things we cannot yet see or imagine from the vantage point of earth, Clinton explores the nature of humanity’s space geographies and the possibilities of living off planet.

Illustrated through hybrid animal and human forms, Clinton’s recent body of work is a rumination on the codes of our DNA and its conversation with the cosmos. From the bizarre to the whimsical to the surreal, Clinton invites viewers to step through portals that inspire new ways of knowing and navigating uncertainty. “Grooves from the Deep” is George Clinton’s first solo museum exhibition.

The gallery hosted Clinton and his family for an artist talk and a musical performance. You had to be there! Unfortunately, I wasn’t, but I have seen a few videos and photos. It was epic! I encourage you to email today and go see the 31 fantastic pieces on display and available for purchase by true Funkateers.

The SUMMER STORIES exhibition at David Lusk Gallery also continues through the end of the month in the WeHo arts district. Artists on the Summer Stories show include Alicia Henry, Ashley Doggett, Bill Killebrew, Caroline Allison, Carroll Cloar, Danny Lyon, Huger Foote, Libby Johnson, Marcus Maddox, Mary Sims, Maysey Craddock, Ted Faiers, and Tim Crowder.

SUMMER STORIES at David Lusk Gallery Nashville is a collection of narratives that is also an exhibition of artworks. Sprung from the memory of summer reading lists, each work in SUMMER STORIES is accompanied by a book recommendation from a Nashville art professional – curator, architect, writer, designer.

The works directly inform the book recommendations, and the recommenders share the inspirations behind their selection. With artworks from David Lusk Gallery, Red Arrow Gallery, and Zeitgeist, these 13 artists’ photographs, paintings, drawings, collages, and sculptures fill the gallery as a reimagining of an often-dreaded school assignment.

Each of the works and their literary counterparts share equal parts nostalgia and joy: summer is a season approached with trepidation, as its magic may have fled as we age. We find, however, as with any beautiful painting or good book, its power for possibility and opportunity intact.

The selected works engage themes of heat, serenity, and contentment. Stifling heat is palpable for the men on a Texas prison farm. A rusty station wagon shaded beneath trees has been pulled out from the carport to make room for something new. Party favors, a slumped-over doll, and a blown-out candle are the remnants of another birthday gone by. All that and so much more

 “Beth Edwards: Hydrangeas” also runs through July 31st at David Lusk Gallery Nashville, 516 Hagan St., #100.

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