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Judicial, legal flaws allowing improprieties

by PRIDE Newsdesk
William T. Robinson, Jr.

We are living during some inflammatory and explosive times in which we should be holding people accountable for actions of

against our country. It is obvious that we have individuals within this country seeking to dissolve our so-called democracy and make a mockery of the Constitution when it doesn’t fit their motives. It is disturbing to me as well as others how some people are able to circumvent the law, especially when being suspected of malfeasance or of being a traitor to the tenets of our laws. I’m referring to people (especially lawmakers) who blatantly refuse to adhere to court-ordered subpoenas that would see the average American jailed for failing to respond appropriately.

This scenario of lawmakers refusing to seriously adhere to subpoenas has played out over and over again lately. The American public has seen officials subpoenaed by the special Congressional Investigation Committee refuse to adhere to their subpoenas, even when threatened with a charge of contempt. It seems being charged with contempt is laughable to some people. They know the consequences are relatively minor. It makes you question why the average citizen is not exempt from responding to a subpoena without dire consequences (exorbitant fines or jail time). Even when some of those subpoenaed do show up, they can use the Fifth Amendment (refusing to answer a question that they feel will incriminate them).

If we have laws that protect people from telling the truth, what is the purpose of having an investigation or trial where barriers may be implemented to keep the truth from being revealed—especially by those who may be guilty? We are constantly seeing public officials and high-profile figures making a mockery of our legal system and getting away with it. Circumventing and manipulating laws that would cause average citizens to be jailed, but making exceptions for high profile lawmakers seems now to be commonplace.

It is frightening, but it can be argued that our judicial system is surreptitiously designed to favor criminals or the guilty. Questionable laws, policies, loopholes, and practices are often utilized to keep us from finding the truth. It even makes some people wonder if lawmakers, lawyers, judges and law enforcement officials are not complicit in working together in order to maintain their jobs and support each other in their venues. What happened to working for the attainment of true justice for all? 

We are openly seeing our elected lawmakers make a mockery of our judicial process. It’s as if they feel it is all a joke or that they are above the law. Examples of conflicts of interest are being daily ignored and flaunted without repercussions. But then no one is losing sleep to enact laws which would hold everyone liable in attaining the truth. 

Although we are told we have the best judicial system in the world, in all honesty it appears to be significantly flawed and needs to be overhauled or drastically amended. However, too many of our lawmakers don’t seem to see this as a priority, possibly because they are benefiting from the legal flaws within. Lawmakers (especially in Congress) get perks that would make the average American citizen extremely envious. Some perks keep many of these lawmakers from being honest and contribute to insensitivity or apathy concerning the problems facing the average, ordinary, hardworking, American citizen.

Does the public have to beseech politicians to change or enact laws that will truly make this a better country, even if means enacting housecleaning legislation within? Yes! The public may call attention to the improprieties they see in our three branches of government, but many of those within are betting that after a while protests will die down and it will be business as usual. 

We teach our children about liberty and justice for all, but as they grow older and experience the reality of this country many of them feel lied to and betrayed. They are demanding drastic changes, especially within our judicial system. Anyone with open eyes knows our system of justice plays favorites.

Hopefully, all the rhetoric spewed by disingenuous, self-serving politicians will be dealt with at the polls. I think it is fair to say that most people want a country where no one is above the law, where all people are treated equally, devoid of some people being offered legal privileges and benefits unavailable to other citizens. 

We know our laws are flawed, so lets demand our elected officials change the discriminatory loopholes that make some people literally comfortable in circumventing and manipulating the law in their favor. It is all about doing the right thing.  

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