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‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 103)

When prayer is not enough

by Wanda Clay
Rev. Fuzz (center) with pastors of other churches. (WKRN)

Every night we see the news, and one news story at the beginning of the week was that of a house fire. In this house fire, three individuals lost their lives. Rev. Enoch Fuzz, the pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, joined forces with other churches to offer assistance to the families.  (Watch the clip below or on WKRN.com).

 “Death in a house fire—nobody is prepared for that,” said Rev. Fuzz as he heard the news and felt called to help. He and other ministers gathered to coordinate efforts to assist in payment for the funerals.

While it is always acceptable to pray for such tragedies, sometimes prayer is not enough. There are three families that have funeral expenses that must be met with sufficient funding. These families are in need and the call is on.

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

But sometimes the only thing we can do for people is to pray. Prayer is how we, the public, do our part in the ongoing healing of Rev. Fuzz following his diagnosis of stage four lung cancer a little over two years ago. So, we pray. But, sometimes there are tangible needs that individuals can assist with. In the instance of a fire, sometimes people are in need of food, clothing and shelter.  The circumstance determines the need. “If a person says they’re hungry and you respond by saying ‘I’ll pray for you,’ without giving him food or money, you haven’t done a thing,” Rev. Fuzz said.

As he is always in constant prayer for his family, friends, members, and the community, Rev. Fuzz is always also seeking means to help those in need.  But he does not do it alone, which is why it is a blessing that he has such an extensive list of resources. Rev. Fuzz said: “Every now and then something will come up, a tragedy in our community, and the first people on the front line will be the pastors of the churches in our community.”

Contributions to aid in the funerals for the families of the fire victims can be made by coming to Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church at 819 33rd Ave. N.

Continue to pray for the victims and their families while we continue to pray for the healing of Rev. Fuzz. The efforts of Rev. Fuzz and his neighboring pastors are greatly appreciated. He continues to pray for you as well.

Check out Rev. Fuzz’s Facebook site as he gives praise through word, songs, and photos. You will be blessed. There will also be additional information on how to contribute to those needing assistance.

Thanks for reading and sharing ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ each week.

Video courtesy: WKRN Nashville News 2 youtube page

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