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Trump exposes flaws in our system

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

Whether you like Trump or not, there is something you cannot deny. He has exposed the flaws in our system that allow deception, lies and injustice to flourish. When Trump was approached about his many improprieties, especially paying few if any taxes, he wasn’t apologetic. He proudly boasted that the public shouldn’t be mad at him because he knew how to use the system to his advantage. In fact, he looks down on others with disdain because he sees the average citizen as dumb and credulous. 

In all honestly, should the public be surprised at anything Trump does? He has consistently shown us who he is from day one. He is like a fish constantly entangled in a net that always finds a way to free itself in the end. There is no question that there are very few if any (whether affluent and/or powerful) who could have circumnavigated our legal system as well from being charged and incarcerated for some of the things he has done. 

Trump has avoided prosecution for fraud; lying profusely to the country; slandering and threatening those who oppose him; avoiding sexual harassment charges (although there are no less than 26 women accusing him of sexual misconduct); refusing to show his taxes; sowing racial disunity (race baiting); and leading an insurrection to topple democracy as we know it. This is unbelievable, because so many people are in prison for far less.

Yes, it is unquestionable that Trump is a compulsive liar. He is an unscrupulous demagogue, master manipulator, and the poster person for immorality. But he has shown again and again that he can circumvent our laws. Like it or not, we should start focusing on the laws and loopholes in our system that allow criminal behavior and actions to go unchecked.

You would think that anyone interested in promoting fairness and justice would demand and scream for major reforms in our laws and policies. How can one argue that our laws do not cater to the wealthy and affluent? Such citizens are able to attain highly paid lawyers who know every trick and loophole in representing their clients. Lady Justice seems to beyond blind; she can be said to be complicit in stacking the deck for some diabolical citizens.

In his journey for power and control, Trump has exposed and used the flaws in the system to his benefit. But make no mistake, Trump is not alone. Many of his staunchest supporters can relate to his modus operandi, because they too have used the flaws and loopholes in the system to their advantage. 

Changes in these laws, policies, practices, and loopholes are not going to come about from our lawmakers voluntarily. They are masters at using these flaws and loopholes to their own advantage. It’s going to take the public going to the polls and electing politicians with high morals and integrity. They must have an affinity for serving law abiding and decent citizens. 

We live in a society where we may show disdain at what some criminals are able to get way with—but we’re slow to demand changes in these systemic flaws, allowing miscarriages of justice. Until we demand our lawmakers to eliminate these flaws and loopholes, we won’t get a true glimpse of what real justice and fairness looks like. Lawmakers unwilling to adhere to changing these laws need to be voted out of office. 

We must also be thankful that Trump has revealed many unscrupulous political supporters and lawmakers—individuals who identify with his immoral practices of achieving and attaining power at whatever the cost. His staunchest political supporters seem to be oblivious to the truth of what is in the best interests of the majority. 

Those so adamant at supporting Trump have shown their ‘trump card’ and are not to be trusted. Supporting the likes of Trump should speak volumes about the lack of integrity that some Republican lawmakers manifest. The public should easily be able to connect the dots. Remember the saying ‘birds of a feather stick together?’ Our legislatures are inundated with the likes of a Donald Trump. We know what we need to do.

We are told the power of the people is demonstrated at the polls. Let’s elect lawmakers who are not afraid to do what we know is right and just. Let’s correct the wrongs in our laws, policies, and practices. If not, the likes of a Donald Trump are liable to become the norm. Failure to vote only aids in the continuation of corruption in our three branches of government. Like it or not, we can thank the likes of Donald Trump for the reality check. Let’s change the system for the good.

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