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Historic number of female judges sworn in

by PRIDE Newsdesk

On Tuesday, 19 women were sworn in by State Supreme Court Justice Sharon G. Lee.  As part of an initiative with the Women’s Political Collaborative, 18 judges along with the Public Defender took their oath of office at the Hermitage Hotel.

19 women took the oath from Justice Sharon G. Lee (Photos courtesy of the Mayor’s Office).

The judges sworn in were Anne Martin, Pat Moskel, I’Ashea Myles, Jennifer Smith, Angie Dalton, Khadija Babb, Cheryl Blackburn, Cindy Chappell, Amanda McClendon, Lynne Ingram, Andra Hedrick, Allegra Walker, Ana Escobar, Melissa Blackburn, Lynda Jones, Rachel Bell, Robin Kimbrough-Hayes, Sheila Calloway and Public Defender Martesha Johnson.

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