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Ultimate disservice to our children

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

Some self-absorbed people are basking in the fruits of exorbitant, material wealth and monies. Their social standing was made possible through the excessive profits caused by ignoring and even denying their part in contributing to the global warming that is wreaking havoc on our planet.  Their greed from the accumulation of wealth supersedes the impending negative outcome their inactions will cause.

Huge energy-producing corporations (whether it be coal, petroleum, or natural gas) are fighting tooth and nail with state or federal regulations that minimize their participation in contributing to greenhouse gases that destroy the ozone layer that protects us from radiation from the sun. With the wasting away of the ozone layer, the earth is prone to receiving more solar heat that is drying up large portions of the earth and starting fires as well as causing polar areas to melt, increasing worldwide floods.

We can go on and on about the devastating effects awaiting this planet if we don’t work now to arrest our involvement in global warming, thus contributing to our own doom. I find it highly ironic how some people claim they love their children and grandchildren but are not supportive of legislation regulating big corporations from literally decimating our environment for the sake of making huge profits for themselves and their stockholders.

Many people feel that global warming is an exaggeration and they are not feeling the effects. However, you are finding more and more people who have personally witnessed or experienced the havoc of global warming through fires, floods, and storms that have killed their loved ones and destroyed their homes and possessions.  Do you think victims who have lost everything to environmental disasters think global warming is real? Most definitely.

We may not be able to stop global warming completely, but we can surely work to slow it down if only to try to secure a future for our children and their children. Sadly, some people are so absorbed in making money that they lie and try to deceive the public about the real truth of global warming and how we are contributing to its spread. Look at your children, grandchildren, and children to come. Then ask yourself what kind of world are we leaving them? What can I personally do to help sustain their existence?

I would like to believe the future of our children will supersede our selfishness and monetary greed, but too many people benefiting from the gains of corporations fighting deregulations are choosing to look the other way. It can’t always be about us and the gains of the moment—not when it’s at the expense of our children’s future.

I guess we should have seen the handwriting on the wall when the school massacres of our children didn’t warrant enough real gun control legislation that would make a significant difference (by banning assault weapons or raising the age from 18 to 21 in obtaining assault weapons). Many of those legislators are blatant hypocrites in the pockets of the NRA. However, they adamantly claim that our children matter.

Corporations probably have more lobbyists and elected officials in Congress with legislatures advocating for them than the public has advocated for average Americans. Many corporations guilty of deregulation policies seem to find (or buy) scientists dismissing global climate change as a hoax. Some corporations claim it would be too expensive to adhere to climate regulations, claiming that such legislation would hurt their profits or force them to lay off thousands of people.

The answer would be to quickly reinvest and put their profits and energies into new technologies promoting environmentally safe alternatives. Acting now would help drastically in changing the trajectory, helping to save future generations.

Perhaps the most detrimental, unscrupulous, and callous culprits are legislators complicit in advocating for corporations. They fight deregulation policies, claiming job safety would suffer—so they’re unconcerned with protecting our environment, even though it would promote employment in the long run. No one is against big corporations making money, but there must be a limit to the greed our society will allow corporations to make at the expense of the public.

We can make all the excuses we want, but in the end, our refusal to seriously deal with our environment will wreak havoc on our children and upcoming generations. If our children matter, we need to show it. Let’s identify and vote some of these unscrupulous lawmakers out of office. Saving our children is in your vote. 

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