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TSU’s 2022 Homecoming 

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

Tennessee State University’s Homecoming is always a well awaited event where alumni manifesting greatness come together to celebrate their love for the institution that provided them lifelong friendships and taught them to spread their wings and soar. TSU’s homecoming is a time when the community unites and shows their love and support for what is an ever burning light and stalwart for our city, state, nation and the world.

While some TSU homecomings may be more memorable than others, this post-COVID homecoming celebration, unwaveringly delivered. How could it get any better with beautiful accommodating weather, never ending camaraderie, and stellar activities? A myriad of events and celebrations kept participants on their toes, heralding some to claim this was the best TSU homecoming celebration ever. 

TSU’s homecoming highlights are too many too mention, but what people cannot stop talking about is the TSU Alumni Black Out Party held at the Wild Horse Salon. Just putting it mildly, it was said to be ‘off the chain.’ Talk around campus concerned how any future event could possibly rival this one for TSU homecoming participants. The Black Out party set the pace for an electrifying homecoming enjoyed by all. The venue proved to be exceptional, and Doug E. Fresh and the TSU Aristocrat of Bands invigorated the crowd leaving them on their feet, spellbound, and in awe. 

All the homecoming events were well attended and the Charles Campbell Alumni Fish Fry and the pep rally in the stadium were no exception. The Scholarship Gala at the host hotel, The Renaissance, was a grand and elaborate affair, continuing to acknowledge and recognize TSU excellence in producing extraordinary alumni making the world a better place. The gala captured TSU’s homecoming theme ‘Back In Stride Again’ by highlighting TSU alumni continuing to do great things even after being sidetracked by COVID. 

The energy, camaraderie and excitement were contagious throughout the festivities. The concert held at Gentry Complex was a big hit. Reunions, cookouts, parties, and celebrations throughout the city were plentiful and enjoyed by all. The homecoming parade was well attended and lived up to everyone’s expectations—even with a long pause at one point. The day only got better with extensive tailgating at the stadium, the halftime show and then the big win over Bethune Cookman. The parties and get together after the game, especially with the Alumni Dance, only sealed what we all felt was an awesome TSU homecoming.

Some felt the only room for improvement might have been that more could have been done to navigate the traffic into Nissan Stadium. Some people claimed traffic held them up, causing them to miss tailgating and much of the game. Another heralded conversation among homecoming participants concerned their desire and wish to renovate our own stadium and play more of our games there (especially homecoming). Common sense dictates this should be a priority because our football team and our TSU following deserve better—especially for an HBCU of TSU’s caliber.

Homecoming only inspires TSU alumni and the community to want more for TSU in its mission to educate minds and promote excellence.

Thank you, TSU, for being the vessel making it possible for many students to excel and flourish and become leaders making a monumental difference throughout the world. Homecoming cements the love for the lifelong friendships gained at TSU. It helps fuel our pursuit for academic and professional excellence, and reinforces our mission to go forth to serve others in our communities. I can only wish that other college or university homecomings might come close to manifesting the pride, love and admiration we have for our beloved TSU.  

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