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‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 113)

There are always more issues

by Wanda Clay
Rev. Enoch Fuzz

Rev. Enoch Fuzz was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer a little over two years ago. He remains the pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church and an avid community leader.

With all of the varied complications that derive from such a health challenge as cancer, it is usually difficult for people to carry out their civil duties or any other commitments. But often it can be less stressful to continue in activities, at least for Rev. Fuzz. It often actually helps him maintain focus on health issues. He continues to do all he can with as much of the same vigor as possible, knowing he has a healing on the way. This is a part of his commitment to Christ and knowing all of what God can do and will do.

Nevertheless, while it is necessary to continue in prayer, with the uncertainties of life’s unexpected turns, there are always more issues to consider. The issues of family, community and the world. With that, Rev. Fuzz continues to make sure that those issues are noted as a part of his journey with cancer—which is one of reasons he shares his journey here.

Recognizing that there are still a plethora of community concerns, the public is invited to share in the efforts of the One Nashville community awareness meeting on October 29 at 8 am. The meeting will be held at the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, 819 33rdAvenue N. This meeting will directly visit the issues of elections, affordable housing, homelessness and north Nashville developments.

As previously stated, there are always more issues to consider while on the journey through life. No matter what individual situation comes our way, it is important to carry out the assignments given. Yes, there are others that can handle the tasks. But as long as there is still breath in his body, Rev. Fuzz is going to continue to carry out his given purpose week by week and day by day. He will earnestly carry out all efforts to help his community with supplication.

Always remember that the general public is invited to One Nashville meetings as concerned citizens or as guests with something to contribute through varied organizations that work to help bring awareness to public issues. No matter the week, whenever One Nashville meets, you are invited. If you have an organization that specializes on issues concerning the public well-being, feel free to contact One Nashville or Rev. Fuzz.

Continue to pray for Rev. Fuzz, his journey with cancer, the community and through life in general. There is power in prayer. Rev. Fuzz is always in continuous prayer for you and this entire world. Check out Rev. Fuzz’s Facebook site as he gives praise through God’s word, songs and pictures. You will be blessed. Thanks for reading and sharing ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ each week. May it be a blessing to you.

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