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Low voter turnout only helps Republicans’ agenda

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

Democrats in Tennessee are constantly complaining about ruthless Republicans who seem to be oblivious to the cries of hard working voters in Tennessee refusing to support legislation that would make a lot of lives better. It seems that there is a general consensus among the Republican-controlled legislature in Tennessee not to support any legislation pushed by Democrats even though much of the proposed legislation would help many of the constituents in their districts. 

It is frightening as well as disappointing to have elected officials impervious to supporting legislation from the other political party regardless of how it will help the majority of the voters in the long run. The voters are the losers in the end. There is not enough rhetoric by some of these manipulative lawmakers to justify what we all know is wrong. 

Don’t you think it’s sad that we have lawmakers so concerned with party loyalty that they can’t support or agree with anything coming from the other political party? Is this the kind of officials you want representing you? We must advocate for change where bipartisan on legislation is encouraged. This would required voting on bills on their own merit and doing what legislators know is right—even if it goes against the majority of those in your party. 

We all know that at times there is no gray area. There is either a right or wrong choice. Legislators should have an obligation to do what is right regardless of the backlash from peers choosing to do otherwise. However, too many of our lawmakers have become immune to incorporating integrity, honor, and truth when enacting legislation, often going against the will of the average working voters. These lawmakers are often guilty of catering to esoteric groups, the wealthy or big corporations, ignoring the concerns of the average common working voters.

The Republican controlled state legislature doesn’t share the views of many Tennesseans when it comes to stricter gun control restrictions; women reproductive rights; and supporting public schools over charter schools. Many people, especially voters of color, are appalled at the legislative stance prohibiting CRT classroom discussions and banning books. It makes one wonder who these lawmakers are really representing.

At this point of time, the Republicans control the governor’s office and both houses of the state legislature in Tennessee, and they seem to be obsessed with flaunting and maintaining their power at any cost. They don’t seem to have any shame in enacting legislation that may go against the will of so many Tennessee voters. 

It is the contention of many voters that the redistricting of Tennessee congressional and state districts by the Republicans after the 2020 Census only helped to solidified their hold on controlling and maintaining the vote in their favor. Legally, rewriting state districts is an advantage of the political party in control as long as it is not discriminatory against any ethnic group. Although it is said to be perfectly legal, many people feel this practice gives the current political party in charge an unfair advantage 

The way the congressional districts are drawn now makes it easier for Republicans to win in Tennessee. This may contribute to a lower voter turnout by Democrats which is exactly what the Republicans want. For the most part, Republicans are hoping many Democratic and independent voters have developed a feeling of hopelessness and despair, concluding that there is nothing they can do to change or alter the outcome. Therefore, voters cannot afford to stay at home and should come out in record numbers and prove them wrong.  

Those advocating for change should be fired up and ignited to get out and vote, whatever the cost. We should be voting in droves and encouraging our family and friends to get out and vote to change the political trajectory. Remember your vote is power! As the saying goes: “The only thing that beats a failure is a try.”

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