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TSU, Tennessee Titans expand historic partnership

Launch ‘ONE Community’ – team’s impact program

by PRIDE Newsdesk
Tennessee Titans SVP and Chief Legal Officer Adolpho Birch, Tennessee State University President Glenda Glover, Tennessee Titans President Burke Nihill, and Titans Foundation’s programs director Johari Matthews.

by Alexis Clark

As the Tennessee Titans continue their long-standing partnership with Tennessee State University, on Thursday the team officially announced the launch of their Impact Program, ‘ONE Community.’

The ONE Community platform includes multi-faceted programs that reach many of Nashville’s most underserved communities with a focus on three areas: Opportunity, Neighborhoods, and Education.

TSU is one of 16 local and regional organizations that is a part of the community benefits platform.

“TSU is excited about the expansion of our partnership with the Titans and the opportunities students will gain to be successful through internships and employment with the team,” said Tennessee State University President Glenda Glover during a press conference held at the university.

“Our historic relationship, an HBCU and NFL franchise, spans over 25-years and centers around both organizations’ commitment to serve communities in the city we proudly call home, Nashville.”

With ONE Community, TSU and the Titans will be expanding their long-standing relationship by launching a new partnership that will establish several initiatives including athletics, academics, students and university support through scholarship and job shadowing programs, professional development opportunities, and employment opportunities.

The team will also continue its partnership by hosting TSU games at the new stadium and engage in other TSU-related initiatives.

The Titans will serve as the annual presenting sponsor of the John Merritt Classic and partner with TSU to expand game day activation and expanded branding opportunities.

TSU graduate student Nykole Allen-Clark, who is the division captain for Project Destined, an organization that also partners with the Titans, said this opportunity is huge for the university.

“I am extremely excited about the Tennessee Titans partnership,” Allen-Clark said. “This program will provide students and adult learners with unmatched exposure to a development in the community.”

Adolpho Birch, senior vice president and ‘chief legal officer’ for the Tennessee Titans, said ONE Community represents a substantial amount of work and effort and is a product of extensive interaction and feedback from residents and community leaders.

“Ultimately, increasing opportunities for workforce and small business development, nurturing and enhancing our neighborhoods in need, and supporting education at all levels are what the community believed would be most impactful,” Birch said.

Johari Matthews, a TSU alum and Titans Foundation’s programs director, said they are proud to announce their partnership. “Our valued relationship with President Glover, the TSU athletic department and the students and staff are all very critical to the Titans story,” Matthews said.

“We believe that every student deserves an educational journey with the resources, experiences, and access necessary to create a meaningful path to vocational and life success.”

The project has been underway for more than two years. The announcement comes on the heels of the city of Nashville and the Titans reaching an agreement on a newly proposed football stadium earlier this week estimated at $2.1 billion.

For more information about ONE Community, visit <www.tennesseetitans.com/news/titans-launch-impact-program-one-community>.

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