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Thanks for showing us who you are

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

We are entertaining a growing number of high-profile legislators and noted celebrities who are unabashed at showing us their true colors, which are manifested in their loyalty and views. Sadly, it all points to a lack of ethics or any moral compass. Adding insult to injury, they appear to be unapologetic and indifferent to facts debunking their political positions. They are media-seeking individuals who seem more interested in bringing attention to themselves and the group they represent than receiving or acknowledging the truth.

Someone unwilling to admit they are wrong when the truth is all in their face is not the type of person to follow or support. We should also be aware of the considerable number of people who are supporting these spineless legislators—often high-profile supporters with unethical positions. They are willing to continue to support out right liars and those stoking hyperbole to encourage political and racial division.

Many of these legislators are playing from an unethical playbook geared to entice ignorant or racist voters, and unfortunately there seems to be no shortage of candidates. These parasites prey on deception and divisiveness. They are shameless and immoral but find encouragement from their supporters who can identify with their nefarious and unethical agendas.

The truth of the matter is that little can be done to change the opinion of those who support many of these reprobates because many of the supporters can ideologically and realistically identify with these self serving legislators’ condescending mindsets. This is frightening, but that is the reality that we must deal with in this country—which seems to voluntarily be alienating itself from God or universal spiritual precepts.

You would think that there are enough good people willing to fight to change this trajectory toward moral, religious, and spiritual annihilation. But too many of them are acquiescing by accepting the status quo, or perhaps are just complacent. Thus we are reminded of the adages that ‘evil prevails when good people do nothing’ or ‘silence is the best friend of evil.’

There is a lot of finger-pointing going around, but ruthless individuals are flaunting malicious lies. And like it or not, our religious institutions (especially Christian churches) may warrant some of the blame. Many claim these institutions are failing us by not speaking out against these charlatans, but no one seems to want to talk about it. We have no shortage of churches willing to brag about their Sunday attendance; however, can they claim their participants are true doers, practicing the word of God?

There seems to be a church on every corner in many cities and towns, but an absence of God fearing congregations adhering to his word. One can only extrapolate that the church is looking the other way when most of these immoral, unscrupulous, hypocritical politicians and alleged racists claim to be Christians. When a person puts a man, or a party, over what is in the best interests of their country or God—it speaks volumes.

Some harbingers of deceit and lies include: former President Donald Trump; current Senior Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky; Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina; Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas; Minority Leader of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy of California; Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio; Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Ohio; Sen. Marsha Blackburn representing Tennessee; as well a slew of right wing advocates. Should party loyalty and selfish personal gain to win at any cost negate the truth? Is winning really all that matters?

No political party is without ruthless, malicious demagogues spewing lies, deceit and hate. But no party has as many such individuals as the Republican Party, which has become the poster child for lies, immorality and apathy.

It is unlikely those choosing to ignore the truth and willingly embracing the darkness are apt to change. So those of us who are ‘awake’ must acknowledge these people for who they are. But having such charlatans take obviously false positions may be a blessing. It shows us who they truly are and takes the guess work out of where they are really coming from.

Lying for political gain has consequences, as does following these immoral, lying and shameless charlatans. Sometimes when you think you win, you lose. Now you figure that out. 

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