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2022 midterm election results give this country a reprieve

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

For many Americans, the midterm elections were an indictment on the future of our country. Many Americans took to the polls and to their knees in prayer, praying for a resurgence of decency and respect for the truth that has been exploited or dismissed, especially in this the Pro Trump Era.

The political arena is fueled by blatant disrespect toward opposing political sides and an unapologetic stance by some to embrace what we all know is the truth. There was no shortage of political demagogues and harbingers of lies, conjuring up deceit and disunity in their desperation to gain or hold on to political seats.

Let’s make no mistake, both political parties have extremists. But the far right extremists have relentlessly shown no shame in their attempts to normalize disrespect. It lies at whatever the cost in its quest to promote the Republican political party. An unwavering sea of red victories would have not been a blessing. It would have been a sign that we as a nation have hit an all-time low, especially if as a voter you were following Trump’s rhetoric of lies, hate and divisiveness.

Maybe, like some Americans, I may be considered naïve or even a fool. But I truly believe that regardless of what we are told or fed: truth, decency, and love are destined to prevail in the end—regardless of how long it may take. My faith teaches me to believe this and without this hope, life holds little or no value.

I am also reminded of a quote by Dan Brown: “Sometimes, all you have to do is shift your perspective to see someone else’s truth.” The inability of some political candidates to even listen to other views often robs us of the possibility of solutions that we all can live with. Confirmation bias, practiced by so many, is robbing us of the progress needed to positively go forward.

So while at times the future may look dark and gloomy, many of us are patiently awaiting sunny and bright days to come. I compare lies and hate to the dark and truth and love to the light. The results of the midterm elections were a reminder that all was not lost, and we as a nation have God’s favor to eventually do what we know is right and make amends going forward.

Many of us may be blinded to the truth, but the midterm election results have given us a reprieve. We are not out of the woods, and we have a long way to go. But it is nice to know we have enough good people in this country who value truth and decency over political rhetoric.

Many political pundits argued that the midterm election results would be determined by factors such as high inflation, the high cost of gas, women’s rights to control their bodies, or disapproval of Biden’s performance. But in the end, I feel the main deciding factor preventing an overwhelming red wave was that we had enough fed up voters tired of the madness and lies of unscrupulous politicians, especially those being fueled by Trump. People must realize there is no shortage of self-serving demagogues pointing out problems while offering no solutions.

Trump’s influence or spell is waning and people are beginning to put this country first over a self-absolved, mendacious megalomaniac. People seem to be realizing that Trump is adulterating his party. Trump remains a sorry excuse for a human being—and our nation, especially the Republican Party, deserves better. Some people are beginning to understand that it shouldn’t be about supporting Trump whether as a Republican, Democrat, or Independent. He is an awful excuse for a human being, mimicking the worst this country has to offer.

Perhaps these midterm elections were a sign that decency, respect, and the truth are viable virtues worth rescuing. The problem may not be in what political party you gravitate toward, because we all have the freedom to choose. It should be about the integrity and the propensity of candidates to tell the truth and put the country first.

Why can’t we work harder to work together? Why is it so hard for some people to understand we are all in this together and what affects one affects us all? Thank you, God, for showing us that you haven’t given up on this country. Thanks for giving us more time to try to get it together.

PS: Donald Trump has announced he is running for president again in 2024. Time will only tell if this country is thankful and appreciative of God’s grace and mercy. Or will they defy his reprieve? For those who believe, ‘God is still in charge.’

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