Home Local News ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 115)

‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 115)

Ministry speaks silently – give thanks

by Wanda Clay
Rev. Enoch Fuzz

“Thanksgiving will definitely be a time to reflect on all the many things we can be grateful for—to count my blessings and name them one by one,” said Rev. Enoch Fuzz as he reflects on the upcoming week of Thanksgiving.

Rev. Fuzz will be having another surgery to remove a polyp from his vocal cord on November 17, which is one week from Thanksgiving Day. As readers may remember, this surgery demands no vocal use for approximately two weeks afterward. He has strict instructions that include no talking or whispering. To ensure that he follows these crucial guidelines, Rev. Fuzz will likely be in a secluded location to avoid visitors. While it is indeed a blessing to have people who want to visit and take care in any way possible whenever needed, this restriction is necessary as a part of his recovery. The silence, of course, includes no phone calls as well. However, Rev. Fuzz said: “I will be able to communicate with the world through the magic of text messaging and social media.”

Thanksgiving Day will be one full week from his surgery, followed by another week of total silence. “Thanksgiving will be a very quiet day,” said Rev. Fuzz. “I will miss going to church and being around friends and family. My return to pulpit preaching is likely to be in February of 2023. I’ve discovered that ministry is a sermon that can be seen more than just heard. Faith in words only is very weak. It’s like loving me but never giving me roses on Valentine’s Day.” Hmmm, his return to the pulpit in February (the month of love and Valentines) might be interesting to show an expression of his silent ministry.

As Rev. Fuzz continues on his journey with stage four lung cancer, you are encouraged to take some time to ponder on his words regarding “ministry that can be seen more than just heard.”

Meanwhile, Rev. Fuzz will spend Thanksgiving Day in silence. “And it’s a time to watch football, movies on TV, and read some interesting Bible stories,” said Rev. Fuzz. While you’re enjoying Thanksgiving Day be sure to count his silent ministry as one of your blessings.

Continue to pray for Rev. Fuzz and the success of the upcoming surgery, his tested ability to remain silent for a complete recovery, and his continued journey toward healing. There is power in prayer. Rev. Fuzz is always in continuous prayer for you and this world. He continues to pray, in his silence, as you enjoy Thanksgiving Day. Check out Rev. Fuzz’s Facebook site as he gives praise through God’s word and pictures. While he has to be silent, let his ministry speak loudly.

Thanks for reading and sharing ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ each week. We pray it will be a blessing to you.

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