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Master plan for Fort Negley finalized

Plan includes feedback from community outreach

by PRIDE Newsdesk
Fort Negley Park

Metro Parks and Metro Historical Commission have finalized the latest Fort Negley Master Plan after a year of research, planning, and public engagement. The vision of the plan is to create an open-air museum of natural significance that speaks through the cultural landscape to reveal history from the Civil War to the civil rights era.

Community engagement and feedback played a critical role in the development of the plan. Throughout a series of five events starting in the fall of 2021, community members were asked to participate in interactive activities that ultimately laid the groundwork for the design process. Activities included an expert panel session, open houses, opportunities for reflection, and multiple physical scale models to facilitate feedback. The consultant team was available to provide expert guidance on best and innovative practices for the treatment of historic and cultural sites.

More than 175 participants and more than 1,175 comments were received during these meetings.

Numerous stakeholder groups were also engaged periodically throughout the design process to share knowledge and to provide updates regarding the master plan. Over the course of the entire master planning process, more than 20 meetings were held with various groups.

“The master plan represents a dedicated effort by a multitude of diverse individuals and organizations. The public input, stakeholder discussions, and Metro Nashville’s dedication to supporting an inclusive and thorough planning process have yielded what we believe to be a plan for the successful and sustainable transformation of the Fort Negley site,” said Metro Parks Director Monique Horton Odom.

“The recommendations laid out in this master plan represent an opportunity to provide the site its proper treatment—to create a lasting landscape of memory, hope, and resilience for Nashville and for the nation. The new plan establishes a long-term vision for the preservation, interpretation, and development of the park,” said Richie Jones, partner at HDLA Landscape Architecture, who served as the prime contractor for the master plan. “Our entire team of planners, designers, historians, and neighborhood advocates participated in crafting the final product.”

Fort Negley Park is a 64-acre park in the heart of Nashville. Recognized as one of the nation’s most important historical sites, it is home to distinct natural and cultural assets and was designated a ‘Site of Memory’ by the UNESCO Slave Route Project in 2019 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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