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Hartman Park Community Center reopens

by PRIDE Newsdesk
Hartman Park Regional Community Center

Hartman Park Regional Community Center reopened on Monday after an extensive renovation.  The community center, located at 2801 Tucker Road, is ready to welcome regulars and visitors with gleaming facilities that offer a variety of options for exercise, recreation, sports, and educational classes, after school program, multi-use meeting space, and game room. Children, adults, and seniors are all welcome.

Currently, new fitness equipment has been ordered for the fitness room. To celebrate the reopening of the Hartman Park Community Center, free admission to the fitness center will be in effect through the end of 2022.

Some of the renovations include:

  • New flooring was installed throughout the building
  • All interior areas were re-painted, including the pool and locker rooms
  • New LED lights in the gym, game room, walking track, fitness, and pool areas
  • New dehumidification unit for the pool area
  • New toilets and flush valves in the pool area
  • New shower heads and shower wands in the pool area
  • New water heater for the pool area showers
  • Soon, new doors to be installed in the pool area
  • New counters for the lobby and fitness areas
  • New kitchen cabinets with new appliances

“We are also thrilled by the new field lights installed on the sports field. Open-area fitness/sports regulars will now be able to exercise in a well-lit outdoor environment later in the evenings,” said Metro Parks representatives. 

Earlier in the summer, a major landscaping project was completed at Hartman Park Community Center. New shrubs and 20 new trees were planted in the parking lot and areas around the walking track. A water source was installed so that the plantings can now be watered without the use of a tank truck.

Hartman Park Regional Community Center opened its doors in 2006. It is the 2nd installment of regional community centers in the Metro Parks system. Hartman is the hub of the Bordeaux area of North Nashville. It is the home of Metro Parks’ Dolphins Swim Team and serves the community through vibrant after school programming and a well-known senior line dance program.

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