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Rappers dehumanizing their race

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

African Americans have a long history of being devalued and dehumanized by Whites who subjugated them for personal gain whether economic, social, or political. There is no shortage of the intellectual genius, creativity, and productiveness generated by African Americans that can be hidden or overlooked—regardless of those in power to prove otherwise.

We know we live in a country that too often relegates African Americans to a second-class status, regardless of their numerous accomplishments and achievements. This treatment began with the arrival of African Americans to this country as slaves. Their pursuit for respect, acceptance, and equality has been an uphill battle.  No doubt, the cries of the ancestors from their graves is for their children to be respected and given the dignity they were denied.

White oppressors’ aim and goal to keep African Americans from realizing their potential and greatness as a people was fueled by keeping them from being united. Teaching African Americans to distrust and hate each other was paramount to keeping them enslaved. Common sense dictates that if an individual personally doesn’t like who they are, they will not like or respect people who look like them.

This country has a history of hundreds of years of brainwashing Blacks as well as Whites into believing every negative stereotype you could conjure about African Americans.

African Americans quest for acceptance and equality is now being hampered and polluted by young rappers, both male and female, aiding in their own people’s degradation and dehumanization. This is far from being a coincidence. This exploitation by Blacks against their own race is a well-planned and oiled machine belonging to the powers-that-be, especially those in the music industry, consumed with making money at whatever the cost.

The Whites executives running many of these recording companies decide and promote what type of music these Black rappers are to deliver to the public. These starving artists (knowingly or unknowingly) achieve monetary wealth at the expense of demeaning and exploiting their race.  What other ethnic group does that? These Black rappers consistently use degrading expletives describing females, promoting gang and thug life, and Black hate. Their fans don’t seem to be the wiser. They don’t see that some of these self-serving rappers are traitors obsessed with making money at the expense of exploiting their own race.  Some Black female rappers are no better than their male counterparts, sexually exploiting themselves in provocative sexual dance and rap, as well as calling women expletives that are morally debasing.

The harm these rappers have done and continues to do is monumental in scope, literally aiding and keeping the African American communities in turmoil—whether by promoting the sale of drugs, gun violence, glorifying Black on Black crime (especially murder), or disrespecting and sexually exploiting Black women. This practice of Black rappers devaluing Black people is so prevalent and pervasive that it has become normalized and acceptable with a huge fan following among the young.

There is little if any cry from the Black churches, elders, or parents calling out the rappers or their young followers for supporting this filth—or demanding these rappers stop contributing to our own degradation. Silence from older adults is considered acceptable. And the spiraling exploitation continues. Lack of guidance from the older generation contributes to these young African Americans accepting and adopting the often-negative behaviors from their peers in the streets.  They rationalize that the debilitating love they find in the streets is all they know and it’s better than no love at all.

Rappers promoting their defiling and belittling rhetoric makes them enemies of the Black community. Yet they are ironically being herald as iconic superstars to many young adults. What is it going to take for some of these rappers to realize the tremendous harm they are doing to the psyches of a young generation subconsciously buying into self-hate for themselves and people who look like them? 

Many rappers are not helping to bring to fruition the dream and hope of the slaves, who longed for dignity, respect and equality for their children—qualities they were denied. Too many rappers are not portraying the proud, intelligent and beautiful people that we know we are and want the world to see. They are doing the ancestors and their race a grave injustice. Degrading your race, promoting violence, and manifesting disunity can be seen as  the epitome of disrespect for those who gave their sweat, tears, and lives for this country, praying and hoping to be respected as a people.

There are too many positive, educated, intelligent African Americans achieving and accomplishing things to build their race up. They are not given half the recognition due to them in uplifting African Americans up as a people. However, too many rappers in the public light are using their popularity to devalue and exploit their own race in the pursuit of the dollar bill.    

We must educate salacious, exploitative rappers on their role in bastardizing their people—all in the name of profit. We as a people must demand better and refuse to support those who disrespect us as a people. Our role in contributing to our own disrespect and exploitation must stop! Maybe if more of these Black rappers knew their true Black history, they wouldn’t be so quick to belittle and exploit their own, even for money.  

P.S.: Rappers occasionally giving out toys and food to impoverished communities does not negate or undue all the irreparable harm they have done in helping to destroy the Black family and community. They must take responsibility for their complicity in giving the world a tarnished narrative of who African Americans are as a people.   

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