Home Local News ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 121)

‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 121)

‘Thank you’ to my doctor

by Wanda Clay
Rev. Enoch Fuzz

The new year of 2023 began at Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church with the sermon ‘Remember Me.’ Guest speaker Rev. Stoney Butler said: “It’s good to be remembered.” During, hopefully, the final stages of his journey, Rev. Enoch Fuzz wanted to remember and give thanks to his doctor, Dr. El Kadmera.

Since his journey with stage four lung cancer began, he has had a plethora of doctors for an array of issues involving his health in this journey.

Pastor Fuzz refers to Dr. El Kadmera as: “The doctor that saved his life. Even though Dr. El Kadmera will always insist that God is the healer, I’m quick to admonish him that the earthly doctors are God’s tools or instruments.” Dr. El Kadmera is an oncologist and has been the doctor Rev. Fuzz has trusted to help him overcome his diagnosis of stage four lung cancer. Rev. Fuzz says that General Hospital and his doctor are the best in Nashville. “This man knows what he’s doing and it’s because of him that I’m gonna live to see my grandson grow up,” said the grateful Rev. Fuzz.  

“Dr. El Kadmera often enquires, ‘How is your daughter, Bethani, and the baby E.J. doing?’ I’m left deeply impressed that my oncologist knows and has concerns for his patient’s family,” said Rev. Fuzz.

Rev. Fuzz continues to be faced with a variety of emergency issues relating to his cancer diagnosis along with the natural issues that are caused by aging, seasonal weather, and other health concerns that we all try to avoid.

Yet he still continues to recognize and appreciate those who take care of him on a daily basis, as well as with all health concerns. It is, indeed, ‘good to be remembered.’

It has always been a priority of Rev. Fuzz that people should pray. He wants prayer for himself, but also prayer for the entire world—just as he prays. Please continue to pray, enjoy and share Rev. Fuzz’s Meta postings and weekly journey with cancer.

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