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Headache that won’t go away

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

What does it take for some people to learn their lesson? Donald Trump has announced that he is running for president in 2024. I guess diehard Trump supporters who worship him are ecstatic, but the majority of Americans are insulted and in disbelief that this man refuses to go away or bow down to defeat. How arrogant of him to run for president when most with decent standards feel he should be in someone’s prison. He has made a mockery of everything we were taught to be decent and respectable. He is the poster child for corruption, lies, and racism. However, his sycophants continue to rationalize and make excuses for him. Let go! ‘The devil is a liar and the truth is not in him’ should be their mantra.

The only reason Trump’s base is so supportive of him is that they can personally identify with his unscrupulous actions. He is their mouthpiece and says things they want to say but are too afraid. That is nothing to be proud of or to brag about. While you may agree with his political platform, he represents the worst this country has to offer. He is a cancer to the Republican Party, decimating their credibility as the party of morality and family values.

 Rational Republicans are looking for more reputable candidates to represent them or are deserting the Republican party altogether. If it isn’t obvious to you that Donald Trump is only for Donald Trump then you are blind or oblivious to the truth. Just how many times can a person show us who he truly is? In all honesty, do you think the average American could get away with as much as Donald Trump and not be ostracized or put in prison? He has made a mockery of our judicial legal system and thus far shown us that a man can, indeed, be above the law.

Remember these facts: Trump University was dissolved when found guilty of fraud; Trump has at least 26 allegations of sexual improprieties; Trump has insulted women, minorities, and the disabled; he has lied about COVID-19 (contributing to hundreds of thousands of deaths); he has consistently lied to the public; he has declared the 2020 Presidential Election as fraudulent; he has lead an insurrection to discredit the democratic transfer of power; he has harbored top secret information in his home. Give us break! There are those serving time for much less and he has the audacity to run for president. Evidently, he has no respect for the average citizen, thinking we are just plain out stupid.

You would think if Trump had any sense of decency, he would show some signs of humility, lay low, and manifest some repentance for his past actions. But he continues to flaunt indifference and disunity by dining with Kanye West with his alleged anti Semitic rants; and Nick Fuentes, a well known White nationalist at his home, Mar-a-Lago.

It is quite apparent to most African Americans and people of color that Trump represents the voice of White supremacy. He fuels their desire to make America great again, reminiscent of a time when Blacks and other groups were subjugated and White supremacy reigned. Americans should be serious and end this circus attraction that seems to find satisfaction in devouring all the virtues we used to hold dear. But again, maybe America is trying to show us we have much needed work to be done to make this the America that is suppose to work for all of us.

Perhaps the saddest part of this debacle is that we have a Republican-controlled House of Representatives that has emphatically expressed a desire to do everything possible to help exonerate Trump or playoff unlawful allegations against what we all know is a bonafide crook. As a result, Congress will encounter a deadlock. Very little if anything by the Democratic-controlled Senate will be supported or passed by the Republican-controlled House. A lot of good legislation that can truly benefit the country will be lost.

As it stands now, Trump will probably be indicted by the DOJ (Department of Justice) on criminal charges in his efforts to reverse the 2020 election results by orchestrating an insurrection. You can look for Trump to throw his key advisors or conspirators under the bus as they tarry to seek plea bargains.

Trump’s influence (although waning) knows no bounds when it comes to some of our Republican elected officials who should know better. Trump will not personally go away. It will be up to this country to show him to his exit. One may conclude that it’s not Trump we should worry about—but those who support him.    

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