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Expectations of 2023

Bishop-Elect Dr. Monterey D. Lee, Sr.

This year, we, the body of Christ, must arrive at the place that God has already prepared for us with no delays.

“Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house,” Proverbs 24:27.

In 2023, God is speaking His blessings on us as His children of obedience. Let’s hear what he is saying.

In 2023 I release fair dealings in every area of your life.

Great opportunities will come your way with no delay.

The right people will be in agreement with your decisions for your life and will support you.

This year you will live a happy and peaceful life.

Situations of last year are changing for you right now.

‘I’m trying’ will not be your language this year. ‘I’m doing it’ will be your language.

You are not going to live a good life, but a great life.

Your finances, work ethics, physical health, relationships with family and friends, will exceed your expectations.

Other people will know what to expect from you. You will be understood this year.

You will add value to others as a special individual.

You will let go of all negative take-aways and have a positive attitude towards yourself and others.

You will appreciate what you already have and be open minded to receive more.

You will build confidence and focus on what you’ve accomplished.

This is what the Lord has spoken for 2023, so let’s walk on that spiritual path to greatness in Jesus’ name.

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