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‘Cancer: My Journey in Time (part 124)

During the transformation

by Wanda Clay
Rev. Enoch Fuzz

Change. There always comes a time when things change. Changes are made in our lives all the time. There are changes of purpose and some changes that are beyond our control. The changes that Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian MBC, has been undergoing for the past couple of years are not of his choosing, but changes nevertheless. Life changes have been made due to his diagnosis of stage four lung cancer, yet he continues to preach and teach. But while he is preaching and teaching, he is also learning to adapt to certain schedules and other aspects of life that also make him more aware of other necessities and how they may need to change.

Major changes become transformations.

Since the beginning of his journey with cancer, Rev. Fuzz frequently visits his doctors or the emergency room, located at Nashville General Hospital. “I’m thinking divine guidance led me to General,” he said. “It’s documented that General Hospital has the best oncology team in the city. Many people questioned my choice of General, but I knew my best care was there. The Robert Hardy Cancer clinic staff was awesome as cancer care people—not like the other places that treated me so impersonally.”

As a citizen, there are things that Rev. Fuzz has observed about doctors, hospitals and the city that are currently undergoing a transformation. Just as he has been undergoing changes for the past few years, so has the city of Nashville. The city continues to be under an onslaught of renovations, demolitions, restructuring, making old buildings new, re-routing streets, creating sidewalks, and shifting money resources to make advancements in external and internal structuring, including state of the art equipment and facility aesthetics. Tennessee Oncology is also a place where Rev. Fuzz refers cancer survivors.

“But, my greatest thought about our city’s safety net hospital is that it has a super tremendous staff who care deeply for Nashville. But it needs a brand new state of the art facility with all clinics located in the same area. I think it’s disgusting that the Health Care Capital of the World has a ‘third world’ class safety net hospital. The staff who work there and the citizens of Nashville deserve better.”

Simply stated, with the transformation of the city and the welcoming to new residents we should also consider current residents and current health challenges. We should make the necessary transformations for a worthwhile health facility housing great doctors and other medical personnel. “Build it and they’ll come,” said Rev. Fuzz, “and they’ll pay!”

So we conclude with the thought of prayer. Readers are encouraged to pray for this important measure in regard to the transformation of Nashville General Hospital. Prayer is always a priority for Rev. Fuzz. He emphasizes that people should always pray. Pray, enjoy and share Rev. Fuzz’s Meta postings and weekly journey with cancer and all aspects of life’s journey.

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