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‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 126)

Making plans

by Wanda Clay
Vivian Wilhoite attended the service in support of Pastor Fuzz.

Plans begin with a thought. Sometimes the thought comes many years before it is manifested. During Black History Month, we celebrate the many plans that were made, and some that failed. Some plans are for the good and some for the bad. Has it been considered that there were plans to always have Black people as slaves? That was the intent when many humans were brought across the ocean to be enslaved, starting in the 1600s. There was definitely an intent to make this the way of life forever—most recently when former President Trump promoted the slogan ‘Make America Great Again.’ Seemingly, this alludes to returning Black Americans to slavery—along with other people of color. However, that’s not our focus today.

Last week, the readers were introduced to the idea of Nashville General Hospital (NGH) building a new facility. Dr. Joe Webb, CEO of NGH, made a comment that Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian MBC, made that suggestion to him approximately nine years ago. As time goes on, it appears to now be in the planning stages. Dr. Webb made this known during the Sunday service at Corinthian which he attended in support of Rev. Fuzz.

Fuzz was also supported by several community leaders and friends attending the service. He was scheduled to give the message to his congregation for only the third time in a year due to disruptions from his diagnosis of stage four lung cancer. His sermon, ‘Help from Heaven,’ was surely more than just a message. 

Rev. Fuzz has received positive news from his latest doctor’s appointment. Although he still has pains (it was suggested that he continue to use his oxygen), Rev. Fuzz was told that the cancer has not spread even though he has been off a specific cancer drug since August of 2022. This is definitely help from heaven. Prayers have been answered. This is also proof that God makes plans for our lives. Sometimes plans take longer than anticipated. Sometimes plans are all in God’s time and in God’s way.

Please pray for the building of a new ‘state of the art’ Nashville General Hospital; healing for Rev. Enoch Fuzz; yourself; and this world. Many thanks to those who attended the service in a show of support. During the service, Vice Mayor Jim Schuman announced that the City Council has established the ‘Enoch Fuzz Spirit of Nashville’ award.

Pray, enjoy, and share Rev. Fuzz’s Meta postings; the weekly ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ article; and Rev. Fuzz’s reflections on all aspects of life’s journey.

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