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Faith of A Mustard Seed

by Barbara Woods-Washington
Barbara A. Woods Washington, M. Div.

I made a statement one evening while sitting in a Bible Study group at Payne Chapel.  So long ago that I only take away the fact that the young lady, who at the time was an assistant minister, opened her phone, searched and read what drove her thinking on the matter.  Needless to say that the divide created caused the dialogue to ‘take sides’.

So.  I want to indicate how often I give thanks to God for my Old Testament Literature course (Dr. G. Murray Branch) and my Introduction to The New Testament course (Dr. Thomas Hoyt) and their teachings on delineations in Source History.  Most every student of Dr. Branch has a tape in their head where he said more often than not, “I’m tired of you all coming in here with these Sunday School Sources!”  That now, with a clear heart and mind, I can immediately identify those sources, those persons who have delivered historical statements that can be trusted… as being in line with the quest for TRUTH.  It becomes ‘power of discernment’!

So.  I continue to speak to young folk whose entire life, both education and knowledge is tied up into the world wide web.  Concerting, their dependency that is somewhat like a drug… an ‘addiction’ that can be deadly! (That ‘human trafficking’ thang).  What with the Pandemic and the entire public education system in America (and the Church too for that matter) being ‘sourced’ by internet; it will take a moment, now or revealed, to see, to know to understand the ramifications of this major event upon societal affairs.

Something very drastic has occurred with the U. S. President, Trump, coining “Alternate Truth”.  If indeed TRUTH is absolute (I don’t even join the debate in that for I equate ‘Absolute Truth’ with God;  however difficult ‘The Way’, the search, the quest for Truth has been made, and yes, given, and accepted, and dogmatized and believed); then Alternate truth is very simply… a lie.  That ‘little white’ or ‘big black’ lie is just that —a lie!

What, then, is that “do you promise to tell the Truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the Truth” to a justice system that practices deception?  With the introduction of alternate truth, came the occupation of ‘fact checking’ and the meters began to run.  And the numbers began to mount; into the thousands on the lies told by the President of The United States!  It’s incarceration.  If indeed KNOWing The Truth… sets you free —INDEED!  Subsequently, with such large numbers of persons, including those sworn to protect and their commitment to served and uphold, apparently seceding to chaos.  It is Biblically clear that where ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Vision’ are absent… death and destruction is relative.

“But when knowledge comes, the whole world is turned upside down.  The meaning of things begins to emerge.  And more importantly, the relations between things are seen for the first time.  Questions are asked and answers are sought.  A strong restlessness comes over the spirit and the enormity of error moves over the horizon like a vast shadow.  Struggle emerges as the way of life.  An appetite is awakened that can never be satisfied.” (Howard Thurman)

I am reminded this week, when Tennessee State University’s Aristocrat of Bands took the title of “Grammy Award Winning”, that ‘The Shield’ of my Alma Mata bears these words: first “Think”; then “Work”; then “Serve”.  The order of this “Life Mission”, I no longer question…  I know now that FIRST and formost, I am required to THINK… on some levels that many folk dare not go.  When the meaning of things emerge and the relations are seen… struggle emerges as a way of life —like it, no Love IT… the “Struggle for Knowledge…

So.  Young Folks.  When you reach the point where everything you think, everything you say, everything you do is driven by internet sources, what you gon do when they pull the plug on the sources of this power?  Oh. You already got an idea about that.  On that day when God sent that ice storm that knocked out the power.  For some… for days!  Akin to the pain of withdrawal from… a drug.  So.  For those who have yet to experience the ‘Power Outage’… just… THINK!

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